'Outlander' Season 2 Is Only A Few Clicks Away

Outlander is about to embark on its third season, but with its release date unannounced (though likely to be sometime later in 2017) viewers will have some time to wait for new episodes. Fans are sure to be longing for another season full of romance and adventures, but with all that time to wait before finding out the next turn the plot will take, all they can do to assuage the itch for more time travel fun is rewatch the episodes that came before. And maybe catch up on any that they might have missed. You may be wondering how to watch Season 2 of Outlander – and rest assured, there are a few different options at your disposal.

After an often harrowing and emotionally taxing first two seasons, fans are sure to be anxious to see if things will improve for the show's leading couple. Season 1 left Claire and Jamie Fraser on a hopeful but ominous note. Though they had escaped the clutches of the vile Captain Jack Randall and fled on a ship to France, their future was not assured. Captain Randall was still alive, they had no way of knowing exactly what was awaiting them in France, and Claire was also newly pregnant. For a couple that was still dealing with Claire's past (future?) and Jamie's trauma, a baby would be an added complication, as happy as they may have been to have a child. Season 2 dives into all those questions and more, so it's definitely worth a watch. So here are your options...


Outlander airs on STARZ, so if you already have a subscription then you're in luck: you can check the show out On Demand or on the network's website.


But failing that, you can tune in on Amazon, where you can sign in for a seven day free trial to access STARZ shows; after that, it's $8.99 a month.

Treat Yourself

Or you can just purchase the episodes on Amazon or iTunes if you'd rather have them forever and ever. You can even buy both seasons on DVD! Remember those?

Diana Gabaldon Is Here To Help

The author of the books upon which the show is based has a handy guide set up on her website to find out how you can watch in your country, in case any of these U.S.-based options don't work out.

You'll want to be prepared for Outlander by the time Season 3 is here, and luckily you have a few months to catch up.