The 'Queen Of The World' Documentary Will Premiere Soon, So Grab Your Tiaras & Popcorn

by Vanessa Taylor

Royal dramas have become increasingly popular over the past few years, but what's better than the real thing? Despite her status, Queen Elizabeth II is fairly popular, and works to ensure that the palace she resides in doesn't become a media playground. For the first time in years, though, Queen Elizabeth has allowed cameras into the palace for a documentary, and here's how you can watch Queen of the World, because it's definitely a documentary you don't want to miss!

Queen Elizabeth is famous not just for her position as Britain's monarch; she is also the longest lived and longest reigning British monarch in history, as noted by Business Insider. The outlet reported that Queen Elizabeth was coronated as the United Kingdom's constitutional monarch in 1953. And then in 2016, Queen Elizabeth became the longest reigning monarch in the world, as reported by USA Today.

With such a long reign, there's a lot of complicated history to tell, and some dramas have tried to take on the role. Hit shows like The Crown and movies like The Queen have taken a stab at showcasing royal life. Still, there's nothing like speaking to the royal family themselves to help illuminate the subject.

And soon, people across the globe will be able to do just that by tuning into Queen of the World.

Queen of the World is a documentary directed by Matt Hill and written and produced by Robert Hardman, according to HBO. The documentary will examine "the Queen's role as a figure on the global stage and the baton she is passing to the younger members of the Royal Family, as they continue to build the Commonwealth," according to the documentary's HBO page.

Although the documentary seems to angle towards focusing on the Queen, fans will still see appearances from other members of the royal family — including Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton, as reported by Marie Claire.

At one point, fans will see a moment between Prince Harry and staff at the Buckingham Palace, as reported by Harper's Bazaar, where he makes a joke about how he "panics" if he bumps into the Queen in the corridors. "If you suddenly see her in the corridor, don't panic... I know you will. We all do!" Prince Harry joked, according to Harper's Bazaar.

The documentary will also have Markle's first TV interview as a royal. As noted by Wear TV, Markle will definitely be seen discussing her wedding dress for the first time. In the trailer, Markle revealed she had a piece of blue fabric from her first date with Prince Harry sewn into her dress.

The documentary has different premiere dates, depending on where you are. For instance, Queen of the World will first premiere on the U.K.'s ITV network on Sept. 25, according to Marie Claire, and will premiere in the United States on Oct. 1 on at 8.p.m. on HBO.

In addition to its HBO channel premiere, the documentary will be available on HBO Go and HBO Now.

This documentary definitely isn't one to miss. When discussing the project, ITV's Jo Clinton-Davis said, according to Harper's Bazaar:

The Queen is a unique figure on the world stage, with a huge depth of experience having met more global leaders than any previous British monarch and serving longer than all of them.

Clearly, it's an important project, and one that many followers of the royal family have been eagerly awaiting.

As the queen ages, it's clear that she's working to pass on more and more royal duties to the younger members of the family. This documentary is an excellent way to track Queen Elizabeth's impact throughout the years and shine a light on what the future holds for the royal family moving forward.