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There Are A Few Different Ways To Watch Shark Week 2018

If your summer has so far been lacking in one of the most misunderstood creatures of the deep, then you're in luck: Shark Week is coming up fast, offering up all kinds of maritime delights. But to enjoy everything this annual celebration of sharks has to offer, you're going to need to know how to watch Shark Week 2018.

Shark Week airs on the Discovery Channel starting on July 22 at 8 p.m. ET and continuing for eight straight days. If you have cable, then it should be a simple matter of locating the correct channel and tuning in when the time is right — or setting up your DVR to catch every shark-themed program. And Shark Week 2018 is particularly special, so you don't want to miss a minute.

The Discovery Channel website boasts that this will be the 30th installment of the franchise, making it "television's longest-running and eagerly awaited summer TV event." According to the network, there will be even more "groundbreaking" stories that "[incorporate] innovative research technology to reveal compelling insight on some of the most unique shark species in the world." You'll want to be parked on your couch when Shark Week starts, ready to soak up all that insight. But what if you're without a TV?

There are a few options for watching Shark Week if you don't have a television, or if you're away from your TV during the week in question. If you have a cable provider — or a friend who has one, cough cough — then you can use it to sign in to the Discovery Channel website and watch from there. But if doing so isn't possible for you (or you don't support sign-in fraud), then don't worry, because you're still good to go.

Brevard Times reported that one could also watch Shark Week 2018 on a variety of streaming platforms, including Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon FireTV, Roku, XBox, Samsung Smart TV, and Hulu. If you already have a subscription to one of those services (or you're in the market for a free trial) then you're totally covered once Shark Week begins.

The programs you're going to want to check out during the week were detailed by Entertainment Weekly, and they're as varied as one could imagine. Shark Tank Meets Shark Week kicks off the entire extravaganza; unfortunately it is not a show about actual sharks pitching business proposals. Instead it might be something better: a close look at oceanic organizations who need help (and cash) to battle the issues infringing on the environment, like habitat destruction and overfishing.

Then there's Cuba's Secret Shark Lair, which explores the large sharks that are local to the area, followed by Uncaged: Shark vs. Ronda Rousey. Rousey will be trained by shark conservationist and shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder to dive both in a cage and without one with sharks in Fiji and New Zealand. Great White Mama (a working title) studies pregnant sharks and Monster Tag (also a working title) teaches athletes Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn, and Rob Gronkowski about the current state of sharks in the world.

Those are only a few of the specials that will be airing during Shark Week 2018. There's even more to look forward to, whether you want to find out more about great whites, see Bear Grylls try to survive in a shark's environment, or gain a greater understanding of the many dangers of a shipwreck. You're going to be a shark expert by the time these eight days are up, making this one of the most informative Shark Weeks yet. All you have to do is decide which way you want to watch, then settle in for the perfect summer marathon.