How To Watch The First Vice Presidential Debate, Because You Really Shouldn't Miss It

The first presidential debate of the 2016 election is over. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed over their proposed policies and a variety of important issues plaguing our nation in front of millions of viewers on Monday, to great acclaim, and the two presidential nominees will meet again two more times before election day in November. But there's another important debate taking place in the midst of all these Clinton vs. Trump face offs: Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine will meet Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2016 election season on Oct. 4 at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. If you were thinking about skipping this debate, you should definitely reconsider because this debate will be a great way to familiarize yourself with Trump's and Clinton's running mates. Luckily, finding out how to watch the vice presidential debate is super easy, as it will be aired live on all the major television networks.

The VP face off is going to be completely accessible for anybody who wants to watch Kaine and Pence take the stage together and (hopefully) duke it out. The debate will be broadcast live on C-SPAN, ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, as well as cable news channels such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Much like Clinton and Trump's first meet up, there will also be a new, digital edge to the vice presidential debate. If you're one of the growing number of Americans that no longer have television in your home, a number of news organizations are working to make the debates accessible to you in other ways.

Twitter partnered with Bloomberg to livestream the first presidential debate, and will do the same for Kaine and Pence. Users will be able to follow along with real time Tweets pertaining to the event as well, making it a truly unique way to experience the debate.

Twitter isn't the only place you will be able to livestream the VP debate. Facebook will work with AOL to broadcast the event through its streaming platform, Facebook Live. YouTube will also be jumping on the livestream train and broadcast debate coverage for PBS, Telemundo, and The Washington Post — which means you really have no reason to skip out on watching.


The Kaine vs. Pence debate will be a great way to play catch up on the stances of both presidential running mates. Trump and Clinton have been covered inside and out throughout this election, while many people still know very little about their campaign counterparts. Did you know that Mike Pence grew up as a Democrat? Did you know that Tim Kaine was a Christian missionary? It may not seem as important to know about the candidates for the office of vice president, however, these men will be second in command of our country. Should anything happen to whomever is elected in November, it will be one of these two candidates that will be called upon to take their place. That's a lot of responsibility and we should want to know where they stand on critical issues.

Whether you know who you're voting for on election day or you're completely undecided, make sure you're tuning in to the debate on Oct. 4. One of these guys is going to hold the second most powerful position in this country come January. We should know more about them than which candidate their teamed up with.