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You Won't Want To Miss The Kitten Bowl's Cuteness Overload

I don't do sports. Years and years of Thanksgiving games and Super Bowls have had no effect on me, which means that I'm going to need to make other plans once Super Bowl LIII kicks into gear. Perhaps you're a big sports fan! I hope you have fun. But if, like me, you'd prefer an alternate viewing option, then you're going to need to know how to watch the Kitten Bowl on Feb. 3 while everyone else is concerned about the big game.

The Kitten Bowl airs on the Hallmark Channel at 2 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 3. It's pretty much directly opposite the actual Super Bowl, so if you have full control of your television (and you have access to the Hallmark Channel), then you're good to go. Just click on over and enjoy all of those tiny kittens scheming their way into game day victory.

But perhaps your TV will be taken over on Sunday. Maybe you just don't have a television anymore, and streaming is where it's at for you. Or it's conceivable that you love sports and small furry animals, in which case you'll want to watch both but can't possibly do so simultaneously. Rest assured, there's an option for everyone.

You should be able to watch live on the Hallmark Channel website, though you do need a cable provider to sign in. If that doesn't work for you, then there are a few streaming services that can facilitate a day spent watching kitties fling themselves around a fake football stadium. According to People, you can watch the Kitten Bowl on FuboTV, either by subscribing or trying out a 7-day free trial.

DirecTV Now offers the Hallmark Channel in four out of its five plans, which all come at various price points ranging from $40 to $75. You can also enjoy a weeklong free trial with any of the DirecTV Now plans. And failing that, there's Sling TV and Philo. Either will let you check out anything Hallmark has to offer at your leisure. Though it's for a price (Sling TV is $25 a month and Phil is $16), free trials are available for both services. You can give them a chance and find out if they work for you.

It may take a little planning and reconfiguring, but you should be able to stream the Kitten Bowl if you can't tune in live on Sunday. Television personality, author, and animal advocate Beth Stern will host, with actor Dean Cain and former NFL player Rodney Peete joining her as well. Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings and four-time Pro Bowl quarterback Boomer Esiason are going to use their expertise to provide commentary.

And you won't want to miss all 21 adorable competitors, some of whom have names as incredible as Tortelealini (both a pasta and a dessert!), Pico de Gato, and Cannoli. With so many cuties on the field, you may struggle with who to root for, but luckily everyone is a winner at the Kitten Bowl.