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How To Marathon The Original 'Charmed' Before The CW Reboot

When the CW's Charmed reboot premieres on Oct. 14, it will be taking its familiar premise and reinventing it for a new audience. Though the storylines and characters may be different from the original series, there's still sure to be plenty of inspiration taken from the latter. If you want a refresher on Charmed 1.0 before the new version airs (or just want to compare and contrast), then you may be wondering how to watch the original Charmed.

Charmed is actually readily available to stream on Netflix, so if you have a subscription then you're good to go. All eight seasons of the original show are there, so you can embark on a thorough marathon just in time for Charmed 2.0 to debut. If you don't have a Netflix account, then there are a few other options. One is snagging a free trial for the streaming service, though that does limit your window for watching; another is to purchase the episodes on Amazon or iTunes, where they appear to be around twenty dollars a season. (Though the complete series is available on iTunes for $59.99, which is a little bit of a discount if you want to go the purchase route.) You can go retro and buy the DVDs, too. Pretend it's 2008.

Unfortunately, Charmed isn't available on Hulu, though it can be purchased on YouTube, Google Play, and Vudu for a price comparable to Amazon and iTunes. If you have cable, then you can also turn to your TV for your Charmed fix: reruns air five days a week on TNT. A few seasons are available on demand as well, though the complete series is not. You can watch some episodes on the TNT website or the TNT app, though you do need a sign-in from a TV service provider.

It might be worth re-watching the original show so you can be prepared to catch every Easter egg the revival drops into its first season. Reboot star Madeleine Mantock told TV Line that everyone working on the show was a big fan of the original, so there would be lots of references to it. "Our writers and EPs have seen every episode, I don't know how many times," Mantock said. "So they definitely have the arsenal to be able to put those little treats in there. And we're fans of the original show, so we'd love to have [nods to it] in there."

Mantock's co-star Melodie Diaz agreed that the reboot might give viewers a touch of déjà vu in the early episodes. "There were so many things that work, and still work, so they were really smart about using the mythology, like the Book of Shadows and the Power of Three," she said to TV Line. "When you watch the pilot, it feels really familiar."

The Charmed reboot may be forging its own path, but it hasn't forgotten its source material either. Revisiting the original Charmed is a great way to get in the mood for the new version of the show and keep the magic going all month long.