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How Will 'AHS: Roanoke' End? The Season 6 Finale Is Hard To Predict

American Horror Story: Roanoke has proven to be a difficult show to predict since it breaks the pattern of the show's last five years. Though the cast is made up of many of the same faces, the change in format altered the stakes for all the characters. The truly creepy ghosts pose an actual threat instead of functioning as tragic figures in the narrative, and unlike prior seasons on the show, those that die in Season 6 stay dead. And they've been dying at an alarmingly fast rate. With so many things left uncertain, many fans can't help but wonder: how will AHS: Roanoke end?

There are a few details to go off of when guessing the season's outcome. It was revealed in Episode 6 that every character will die except for one, so viewers can expect a ton of creative deaths before the season ends. So far Lee, Monet, Audrey, and Dylan are alive and, barring the arrival of more characters, any one of them could be the final survivor. It's also been confirmed that there will be one more big crossover between the seasons when Sarah Paulson's Lana Winters makes an appearance in Season 6, her first since AHS: Asylum. So what does all this tell fans about the final two episodes?

The promo for Season 6 Episode 9 looks like it's going to tie up everything currently going on inside the house. The final survivors will be doing their best to escape with their lives, but fans know that most of them won't be so lucky. Many have guessed that Lee might make it out of the season alive thanks to her sheer tenacity and survival skills, but Monet is also still out in the woods, surrounding the house, which means she's got a good chance of reaching the nearest town before anyone else. Lee and Audrey are also on something of a mission to retrieve incriminating video evidence from the Polk homestead.

The trailer also introduces a subplot about campers in the woods, who seem aware of the blood moon and the fact that something is going terribly wrong. One of the women in the back of a frame looks like it could be Taissa Farmiga, and another looks and sounds suspiciously like Finn Wittrock, who just met his demise playing one of the cannibalistic Polks. It probably isn't him, but AHS does love to cast the same actors in multiple roles.

Earlier interviews with Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk indicated that while there would be a twist in the season, splitting it into two distinct halves (the first being My Roanoke Nightmare and the second Return to Roanoke), the finale would also exist as "its own thing," in Falchuk's words. Based on that piece of information and Lana's return, here is my hypothesis for how AHS: Roanoke will come to an end.

Episode 9 will revolve around picking off the final few characters until the sole survivor is left. It's sure to be shocking and bloody whether or not Lee and Audrey return to the Polks' for the video. But that could lead to one more altercation with the surviving sons. The episode will be filled out with the story of the campers, and maybe some more blood moon backstory. The climax of the season generally occurs in the second to last episode of an AHS season, so Episode 9 is when all the action will go down. By the time it ends, there will be only one character standing.

Then perhaps Episode 10 will be devoted to tying up loose ends in the form of a long interview with superstar reporter, Lana Winters. It would suit the season's altered format for the final episode to take place entirely over the course of an interview, and as a survivor of horrors herself, Lana is the perfect person to conduct such an interview. My money's on Lee as the ultimate survivor, but Sarah Paulson interviewing Sarah Paulson is also a totally valid possibility on this show.

There's no confirmation that any of this will or won't happen — it's all just a guess. When it comes to AHS, predictions are difficult to make; mainly because you never know when a last minute shocker will change everything.