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An Old Friend Of Arya's May Finally Return To 'GoT'

There are a lot of reunions that are long overdue on Game of Thrones and based on the preview for Sunday's episode "Stormborn," it looks like one will finally come to fruition. Arya was separated from her direwolf, Nymeria, after Nymeria attacked Joffrey for threatening her. To protect Nymeria from being punished, Arya told her to runaway and Nymeria reluctantly did as she was told. She hasn't been seen since, but with the new preview fans are now confident the pair will meet again. So how will Arya and Nymeria reunite on Game of Thrones? It may not be a friendly reunion, at first.

In the preview, Arya is seen coming face-to-face with a wolf, who looks quite vicious. Many viewers are confident the wolf is the long lost Nymeria, but others are skeptical, noting that the two wolves look different. Still, it's been many years since Nymeria was last seen. (The length of six seasons, to be exact.) It'd make sense that she changed or became feral while she was away from Winterfell. However, if it is Nymeria, will she even remember Arya?

It certainly doesn't look that way, based on the preview. The wolf viciously growls at Arya, who seems shocked to see the wolf. It looks like the two run into each other while Arya continues her journey to King's Landing, so she can kill Cersei. In the first episode, Arya had joined up with a group of Lannister soldiers, but it looks like she departs from them, or at least get's separated from the group, as she's alone when she meets up with the fierce wolf.

If the wolf is Nymeria, that would be great for Arya. Not only would it be nice to reunite with her old pet and have a pleasant reminder of her previous life in Winterfell, a wolf is also an excellent protecter. Nymeria protected Arya before and while Arya clearly no longer needs protection, it'd still be nice to have the added help.

Plus, based on the novels, most believe Nymeria has also amassed an army of wolves that she now leads. That would also be a great asset to Arya, especially if she is still traveling with the Lannister soldiers. If the Lannisters somehow discover who Arya really is, Arya could have a nasty fight ahead of her. It'd be good for her to have allies, even if they come in the form of wolves.

Whether or not Nymeria has an army of wolves, it'd be nice to see the two reunite. Hopefully, that's what happens in Sunday's episode.