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Dany & Jon Snow Would Be Useful Allies On 'GoT'

Throughout much of Game of Thrones' run, Daenerys Targaryen was kept separate from the events happening in Westeros while she gained power and amassed her army overseas. Season 6 finished with her finally setting sail for her homeland, prepared to do whatever it took to take back her family's throne. Her arrival in Westeros will change everything and allow Dany to take part in the action in a way she hasn't been able to before; it might also lead to some interesting meetings with some other important characters. There's one meeting in particular that some fans have craved for years. But how will Daenerys and Jon Snow meet on Game of Thrones?

The details may be hazy, but the meeting itself is a guarantee. Filming pictures snapped on the set of the show in Spain make it pretty clear that Emilia Clarke and Kit Harinton did shoot a scene together, though there's no way to know if it was their characters' very first meeting or not. The blurry photos might give fans more questions than answers, but at least they confirm one major thing: Jon and Dany will interact in Season 7. The location of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Spain appears to be a new one for the show, however, so Jon and Dany might be crossing paths somewhere fans have never seen before.

Some have speculated that after landing in Westeros, Daenerys first finds her way to Dragonstone, her family's ancestral home. It was given to Stannis Baratheon following Robert's Rebellion, but has likely been empty since the deaths of Stannis and his family. Scenes in the Season 7 trailer appear to show Dany pulling down Stannis' banners within the castle and standing near the large stone table map of Westeros that Dragonstone is known for.

If the new location in Spain is meant to be Dragonstone, then that could be where Jon and Dany's first meeting occurs. That would mean Jon travels South to see her, which would be a lengthy and potentially dangerous journey so far from Winterfell. But it makes sense that they would meet. Even if Jon isn't aware of his secret Targaryen heritage at this point (which makes Dany his aunt), as King in the North he'd still want to meet with a major ruler who just appeared in the country.

Dany and Jon could be meeting to set up an alliance, which would benefit them both when it comes to taking down their respective threats. Dany's dragons could be integral in defeating the White Walkers, and having the support of the North could aid Dany's bid for the throne. Dany and Jon could prove very useful to each other.

Just how they'll meet may not be clear yet, but there's no doubt their eventual meeting will be explosive.