Mark Schafer/HBO

The Ending Of 'Girls' May Surprise You

After a rocky couple of seasons mid-series, Girls has been on a steady upswing for the past two seasons leading up to its series finale on Sunday, April 16. Rather than wrapping up each character's storyline in a neat, definitive way, showrunners Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and Judd Apatow seem satisfied to simply hint at their futures with a glimmer of optimism. Shoshanna is engaged. Marnie is divorced and undergoing personal transformation in online therapy. Jessa is with Adam. And Hannah is embarking upon fully employed motherhood. So how will Girls end?

Thanks to the post-show debriefs that air with every episode on HBO, as well as some accidentally Instagram-leaked details, we have an idea of where the show is going. Firstly, it's already been confirmed that Season 6, Episode 9, titled "Goodbye Tour," was Shoshanna, Jessa, and Elijah's last episode. So Shoshanna's engagement party was her happy ending, while Jessa and Hannah's emotional reunion left open the possibility for them to be friends again. Plus, we leave Elijah having booked White Men Can't Jump, which presumably means he'll be on Broadway in no time.

If you'd been holding out hope that Adam and Hannah would wind up together, Dunham crushed them in an "Inside the Episode" featurette for HBO. Some have been calling it a "spoiler" for how the series ends, but really, it was pretty implicit in Hannah and Adam's final episode.

"That whole episode was really emotional to shoot because... I knew it was the last time [Adam Driver and I] were going to do any performing together," she says in the clip. "It was a big choice to go, like, 'No, these people actually aren't meant to be together and this complicated relationship [Adam] has with Jessa is where he's supposed to be.'"

So we know Jessa and Adam are the couple we're supposed to be invested in at the end. As for Hannah, fans know from production stills that Loreen and Marnie show up for her in the series finale, and that she appears baby bump-less! The finale is titled "Latching," so it seems all but certain that we'll get to meet Baby Horvath in the final moments of the show. And although Marnie and Hannah have had arguably the most contentious relationship of all the girls, it seems fitting that Hannah's best friend and roommate from Season 1 is the one left standing by her side at the end.

It's probably safe to predict a killer, ugly-cry-triggering soundtrack choice for the final sequence, too. Prepare yourselves accordingly.