How Will Life Change If Trump Wins? Many Are Considering The Possibility

As the results come in on Tuesday night, this election is proving to be an incredibly close one. No state or majority is guaranteed — which means a Trump presidency is a lot likelier than many expected. But if Trump gets into office tonight, how will life change if Trump wins and what will happen to the United States of America? It is a strong possibility that Trump might become president and change the lives of millions of Americans in an instant.

On Wednesday morning, voters and residents might have to get used to the name "President Trump." It hurts, I know. But, this is the candidate that the people voted for, so we can't necessarily blame them for choosing the right candidate for them. The majority of the people who casted their ballots, didn't vote, or voted for a third party might have to deal with the consequences of a Trump presidency, but what will that be like? Much like Trump himself, it will probably be unpredictable — with every day as much of a surprise as the one that came before it. If Trump wins, he will probably do what he has promised all along on his campaign trail: "make America great again," and change the lives of those who already thought America was great.

So while a Trump presidency might be good for the people who voted for him and the America that this country "used to be" — it might not be so great for the millions of people who will be effected by his policies. Throughout his campaign, Trump has managed to insult women, in addition to minorities, immigrants, and so many others. Imagine the United States without Muslims, a promise that Trump has vowed to fulfill by banning refugees from entering the U.S. If Trump wins, these key citizens of the U.S. might not be able to claim the rights that they've long had access to. If Trump wins the presidency, we might also see that infamous wall separating the United States from Mexico finally built, as Trump has promised in his campaign so long ago.

Trump also promised some "good" things. If Trump wins, the U.S. might see more jobs, since he ran on a platform where Trump promised to bring jobs back to America. But Trump might not also be as firm with his promises. According to NBC News, Trump has shifted his positions multiple times before, and voters could see him change his stances on key issues once he's in the White House.

Trump might definitely get to pass some heavy legislation. According to NBC News, if there is a Republican House and Senate (which is a very strong possibility), Trump will more than likely be able to enact some major legislation. This can definitely be a bad thing if Trump plans to keep his promises.

Life will certainly go on if Trump wins the presidency. Everyone in the world will wake up tomorrow and see the sun shine and get on with their days — even if it is hard for them to do so. However, for millions of Americans and even people all over the world, life will change drastically — in ways no one will really know until the Trump family moves into the Oval Office.