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How Will 'Scandal' End? Here's How The Beloved Drama Could Wrap Everything Up

by Zakiya Jamal

After seven seasons filled with twists, affairs, murder, and more, Scandal is coming to an end. The Washington, D.C.-based drama that followed political fixer Olivia Pope has garnered millions of fans over the years who have become obsessed with the show's drama and attached to its characters. But how will the writers wrap everything up? How will Scandal end?

Seeing as how this show loves to throw fans curveballs, it's obviously difficult to guess how the show will come to a close, but there are at least some questions the series finale will surely answer. For instance, will Olivia and Fitz end up together? Will Mellie be impeached and Cyrus becomes president? Will Jake really be Cyrus' right hand man or end up killing him like he killed Vanessa? And can Mellie and Marcus ever be together for real? Also, where did Papa Pope end up?

Hopefully, before the show comes to an end, fans will learn all this and more. And even though it'll be difficult to say goodbye to the series, hopefully fans will be satisfied with how Olivia's story ends. For now though, here are just a few possibilities for how Scandal might close out its seven season run. You may be surprised by some of these theories.

Olivia & Fitz Finally Live Together In Vermont

For Olivia and Fitz, the perfect ending would be for them to leave D.C. behind and finally move to Vermont and live out their happily ever after. It certainly seems like the show is gearing up for an "Olitz" ending, what with the couple hooking up again this season, but can they really get their dream life in Vermont? One can only hope.

Jake Will Kill Cyrus

Tired of being everyone's second choice and/or lap dog, Jake killed his wife, Vanessa, and basically put Cyrus in his place, letting Cy know that they were either going to be partners or Jake was going to kill him like he killed Vanessa. While Cyrus seems to be down for the partnership for now, it seems very likely that Jake will end up killing the VP for some reason or another anyway. This pairing was not made to last.

Mellie & Marcus Will Finally Be Together

These two were prevented from being together because of the Oval (and Olivia), but it's so clear they belong together. Marcus understands Mellie in a way no one else has ever seemed to and once Cyrus is taken care of, Mellie should be free to date Marcus once and for all.

David & Abby Will Get Married

Fans were so excited when they got back together, but I would love to see them take the next step and I think show creator Shonda Rhimes would be down for a "Dabby" wedding. For one, after the awful first marriage Abby had with her abusive ex, she more than deserves to get to experience a happy marriage with David.

Charlie Will Die

I'm sorry Charlie and Quinn fans, but I just don't see Charlie making it out of this show alive. Sure, he confessed to hacking Cy's plane for Mellie, basically doing what Cy and Jake asked him to, but why would either of them let him live now? He's a loose end, and no one likes those, as proven by the fact that they've already killed the real hacker. Quinn suspects Charlie will be next, and since he's still behind bars and already beaten up pretty badly, it'd be easy for him to be taken out.

Quinn & Huck End Up Together

I'm not gonna lie, I've been a "Quick" shipper since day one, so this may just be wishful thinking on my part, but hear me out. Charlie's probably doomed (sorry, not sorry) and Quinn and Huck have remained incredibly close, even after they broke up. Just look how Quinn went to Huck after he almost died. She still loves him and you can't convince me otherwise. With Charlie most likely out of the picture, Huck will step up and Quinn will realize he was the one for her all along.

Mellie Will Stay President & Be Reelected

Despite Cyrus and Jake's best efforts, Mellie will not be impeached. Rhimes has always used this show to push women empowerment, so there's no way she's going to end this series with the first woman president being pushed out of office. Instead, fans can most likely expect Mellie and Olivia sticking it to the man by turning the tables on Cy and Jake, and taking back the White House for themselves. Then Mellie will be reelected because it's what she deserves.

You can find out how Scandal ends by watching the final episodes on Thursdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.