Huggies Has Created The "Perfect" Plant-Based Diaper & They're A Big Win For Parents

by Cat Bowen

When you're choosing how to diaper your child, there are myriad factors to consider: what is the diaper made from? Will it be soft against my baby's skin? Will it hold the epic amount of poop that apparently shoots directly out of my precious baby's butt with the force of a rocket ship? For years, favored diaper maker Huggies has been cradling our babies' booties with their ever evolving line of poop catchers that get the job done. But the latest in their lineup, Huggies new Special Delivery diapers, are the next step in baby hygiene.

Huggies Special Delivery diapers are plant-based, which is a far cry from the plastic pants our parents wrapped around our toddling behinds. They're also designed for maximum softness, which has been a complaint of parents who have used other brands' plant-based diapers. These are specially woven from materials like sugarcane that are powerful for absorption, and pleasant to the touch. These new diapers are currently available online, but will be in stores in the United States at the end of July, and in Canadian retailers in August. They come in sizes ranging from newborn to size 6, so you never have to worry about changing diapers as your child eventually ages out of them.

Kristine Rhode, Huggies North America brand director, wrote in their press release that Huggies was "inspired by the loving bond that a parent feels with their baby and their desire to provide the very best care to their babies that they possibly can." That means making diapers from better, more innovative materials, and altering the design as improvements in the engineering of the diaper are made. Huggies new Special Delivery diapers feature a baby side-liner waistband that prevents gaping, and the dreaded "poop up the back" scenario with which parents of babies are all-too-familiar. (I swear, it can get all the way up their back and into their hair. The poop power is real.) They're also free of parabens and elemental chlorine, which is a concern for many of us.

Each of the diapers also has an adorable design for those days when you let your kid run around in only a t-shirt and diaper. (Basically every day they're at home.) The designs are really cute. There are storks for newborns, hand-drawn leaves, and of course, for the babies of millennials, potted plants. Huggies hasn't been around this long without having their fingers on the pulses of parents. They're colorful, soft, and just as reliable as you've come to expect from the popular diaper brand. They're also unscented, which is a real boon for those of us who have kids who are sensitive to fragrance.


They're calling it their "perfect diaper," and so far, parents seem to agree. Early reviews have been stellar. One reviewer on Amazon said that she was "...wanting to stay away from diapers with chlorine and other ickies. When we saw huggies was coming out with a safer option for our daughter we had to try! They are pillowy soft, have a great fit, and we have yet to have a blow out! These are the best diapers we have bought for our daughter and we are so glad to have finally found a great fit for her."

Whether you're buying your first box of diapers for your newborn, or your 50th, Huggies new Special Delivery diapers would be a great choice. A more environmentally friendly version of their perennially reliable diaper is not just a win for parents, but also a win for the planet.