Line Severinsen's Pregnancy Cartoons Are Real AF

Hairy bellies, strange smells, and awkward moments in bed happen in pretty much every pregnancy, so why don't more women talk about it? That's exactly what Line Severinsen's humorous pregnancy cartoons aim to do, and we're all better for it. Her bright and simple designs encapsulate so much hilarity in each frame, so much so that you'll find yourself returning to them every time you need a laugh (amid your extreme, not-so-glamorous pregnancy discomforts).

Severinsen's new book, I'm So Pregnant: An Illustrated Look At The Ups And Downs (And Everything In Between) Of Pregnancy, will be released in March of this year. In the meantime, though, her Instagram account, @kosogkaos, has plenty of art for you to ogle, screencap, and send to your other pregnant friends who might be in desperate need of a laugh. In her Instagram captions, she also invites conversation, asking viewers questions like: "Do you have a fun story to share from your childbirth class?" and "Cravings for ice cubes. Do any of you have that?" As you can imagine, her followers are more than willing to put in their two cents — and you can, too.

A mother of two toddlers, Severinsen hails from Bergen, Noway. In her drawings, she pulls from her own experiences, which she calls "Kos og Kaos" (translating to "Cuddles and Chaos"). Severinsen was struck with the need to create this particular portfolio of pieces while going through her first pregnancy. As she researched what she should expect over the next nine months, she mainly found "just sunshine and positive stories," Severinsen shared with The Huffington Post.

From this came her impulse to draw comics that weren't just humorous, but were also incredibly real. Her art transformed her view of pregnancy completely: "I went from being sad that my pregnancy didn’t match my expectations of being perfect and problem-free, to being able to see the humor in it," she shared.

Enjoy some of her funniest works below:

You can totally see why Severinsen has over 152,000 followers on Instagram, as she's managed to encompass so much in such little space. Severinsen has drawn cartoons for every occasion, from holidays to workout mishaps to the moment a dad sees the placenta for the first time. Certainly, there's something that speaks to all who are expecting.

Whether you buy it for yourself, as a gift for a mother-to-be, or both, I'm So Pregnant will pinpoint exactly how you're feeling, for better and for worse.