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I Miss TJ Maxx & Found 12 Stores Full Of Treasures To Fill The Void

There are few joys comparable to that of strolling the aisles of the local TJ Maxx. But under quarantine, we've been denied the delight of looking for discounted treasures. To help fill the "ping!" of finding something you didn't even know you wanted, I've compiled a list of online shops like TJ Maxx to browse when you need your infusion of bargain happiness.

The TJ Maxx family of stores has temporarily closed its online stores due to COVID-19. It's a decision to protect the supply chain during a time of crisis. However, sometimes (perhaps most of the time) you're shopping at these stores because you don't have anything specific you want to buy — you're just there for the hunt. You're a hunter, there in hopes of finding a gem. You're Joe Exotic looking for your next big cat. And sometimes, you're just there because you simply like going there. TJ Maxx is an experience, and shoppers all over the country are missing out, judging by the number of memes. I mean, where else can you load up on scented candles, designer shoes, and also caramel corn — none of which you needed to begin with — all while pushing your already full cart through cramped and often messy aisles? Ah, nostalgia.

While these stores can't give you quite that ambiance (though you could wade through your children's toys to approximate the feeling), these stores are great, and a mix of vintage, handmade, and discount stores. Whether you just want to find a sweet little gift for a friend (remember social distancing rules), want something new for your now scrubbed-to-the-bones kitchen, or you just feel the need to virtually wander, these shops should have it.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Oh how I love Poshmark. If you're not already signed up, do yourself a favor and join. Not only can you browse tens of thousands of lightly worn clothes and shoes, but you can also sell your own stuff that no longer serves you. It's wonderful.


Wayfair is part magical wonderland, part terrifying black hole. Where did those three hours go? Why do I have four regency dining chairs in my shopping cart? Did I just order a blow-up bounce house for my family room?

In the app, you can virtually place the furniture in your room, seeing an approximation of how it would look — which might explain the regency dining chairs that I now really want, but can in no way use.

The Sill

I live in New York City, and since no one here is going outside, why not bring the outside in? I'm a huge plant fanatic, and The Sill caters to windowsill-friendly, affordable plants for the home. It has them categorized by subjects like pet-friendly, low light, and easy maintenance. The shop also has a ton of information about how to keep your plants, as well as repotting kits, pots, and soil.


ThredUp is a lot like Poshmark in that it's a resale shop online, but it has a bit more size variety and range of ages. ThredUp has tons of kids' clothing as well as shoes and accessories. I like that their shipping policies are simple and straight-forward.

The Internet Antique Shop

I know what you're thinking — boring antiques? Who needs those? Well, my fair reader, you'd be surprised what you can find on this megasite. You can get everything from vintage art and teacups to entire bar sets, and many of them are very affordable. If you watch any design show on HGTV, you'll know how much those touches can change a space.


I'm not going to lie, Hollar is... strange. It's kind of like a Five Below, but online? Anyway, it's a ton of cheap, fun stuff that you probably need, and shipping is free when you hit $35. I just bought some board games and a bunch of Crayola kids paint for a fraction of the retail cost.


Inexpensive used books can be found here and often in superb condition. This website has been crucial to my sanity since the pandemic began, and I find I'm introducing my children to classics I loved as a kid that I never thought to have them read. It's a great thing.

Century 21

East Coast super discounter Century 21 is still open for business, and it has a little bit of everything. The shop has the best deals on housewares out there, and I should know. I bought my desk chair, my towels, and my curtains from the Brooklyn store.

The original online discount retailer did it first and still does it best. It has absolutely everything, and when new merchandise is added, older merch tends to get even more deeply discounted. The customer service is great, and I find myself going back time and time again.

Stein Mart

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I had no idea Stein Mart did such a booming online business, but I found out last week when I needed to order new bedding. The shipping is fast, there's tons to look at, and everything I ordered was great quality. I had no idea.


Let's face it: A lot of people are out of work right now, and a good number of those people have a side hustle on Etsy. Why not have fun browsing handmade goods and art while also helping out small businesses? I just ordered a bunch of face masks last week, and they are great.

Saks Off 5th

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Saks Off 5th has drool-worthy purses and shoes. The clothing is actually affordable, and it's not "off season" like so many discounters. It's not the easiest to navigate, but the merch makes up for it.