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Remember Those Pink Bottles Of Baby Magic Lotion? They're Back & Better Than Ever

As an expecting mama, it seems like almost everything makes me nostalgic. A pink ruffled dress reminds me of the one I wore in my first family pictures. That gifted copy of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar had me in tears. A simple bottle of baby soap brings back a wave of memories, and the familiar scent can set me over the edge. This year, the iconic baby care brand Baby Magic is officially getting its biggest makeover in almost seven decades, updating their products to meet the priorities of 2019 moms. And as a 2019 mom... I'm excited.

Parents with little ones can expect three big things from Baby Magic with this brand evolution, including several new products, improved formulations of their classic products, and revamped packaging (complete with an adorable mascot, the Baby Magic bunny). Like any good brand, Baby Magic is recognizing and addressing the fact that parenting in 2019 is not the same as it was in 1960 – or even 2000 – and these updates and new additions to their line reflects that.

The good news for any other parent who gets a wave of happy whenever they uncap a bottle of Baby Magic product is that the scents you love are here to stay. Their 2019 product line will feature three main scents, including Original Baby, Sweet Buttercup, and Lavender Lullaby. The ingredient list has been the focus of the brand's makeover, with the reformulation prioritizing ingredients that are ultra-gentle and safe on your babe's delicate skin, removing all traces of sulfates, mineral oil, dyes, parabens, phthalates, talc, and lanolin.

So, what does each scent category contain?

The Original Baby scent line boasts the use of two particularly hydrating ingredients: Camellia Oil and Marshmallow Root. Camellia Oil is touted for its ability to be deeply absorbed into the skin, while marshmallow root contains "a number of other ingredients that promote skin health," Dr. Kenneth Howe of Wexler Dermatology in New York City, told Byrdie.

The Sweet Buttercup lineup is marketed towards babies with dry and sensitive skin, making use of calendula oil, coconut oil, and shea butter — all of which are recommended ingredients for dry skin.

Finally, the Lavender Lullaby line was created with bedtime in mind, utilizing ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and aloe to hydrate normal to dry skin while lulling babies into dreamland. Each scent is available a body lotion and wash, while the original scent also is available as a creamy body oil.

Courtesy of Baby Magic

In terms of brand-new products, Baby Magic is introducing a self-adhering Hydrogel Multi-Purpose Patch that is designed to soothe skin issues like sunburn, dry skin, a gentle 3-in-1 wipe for face, hands, and body made up of 99 percent water and one percent plant-based ingredients; and coming this summer, Baby Magic will also be rolling out an A&E diaper cream and mineral sunscreen with SPF 50.

Courtesy of Baby Magic

All of Baby Magic's products are available for purchase on and priced between $3 - $8. You can also find them on Amazon, and at Walmart and Walgreens.