If These 5 Things Have Ever Happened To You, You Might Be Psychic

Have you ever picked up the phone to call a friend, only to see an incoming call from that very person? Or have you ever experienced an event in a dream that later seemed to play out in real life? As far as some people are concerned, something more than simple insight could be going on. In fact, if a few of these things have ever happened to you, you might be psychic on some level.

Of course, research into psychic phenomenons has been pretty mixed, to say the least. After all, when it comes to mind reading, fortune telling, or predicting the future, there just aren't a lot of studies to reinforce these ideas. In fact, there is basically no scientific data to back up claims of psychic abilities, according to Psychology Today. Although researchers such as Cornell professor Daryl J. Bem rigorously studied human psychic power, later research contradicted Bem's claims about evidence for precognition, according to CSI. As far as research and scientific inquiry is concerned, psychic abilities aren't an easily measurable, verifiable thing.

Despite the lack of hard evidence, about one-third of Americans believe they have experienced a psychic episode, according to a 2017 YouGov survey. When a person experiences something that seems like a premonition in a dream, it can be hard to shake the feeling that something a little otherworldly is going one. Read on to learn about the other common abilities that many people claim represent psychic powers.


Sharper Senses

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Does your hearing and vision seem to pick up on more than usual now? Heightened physical senses may mean a person's psychic senses are also waking up, according to Psychic Readings Guide.


Frequent Déjà Vu

If you feel like things are repeating themselves all the time, then this phenomenon may be the cause. In fact, people who experience déjà vu on the reg have also reported other psychic abilities, according to Boston Intuitive.


Intense Dreams

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For some people, dreams may not be these fleeting figments of the imagination. Dreams that seem to predict the future, also known as clairvoyant dreams, are one phenomenon that may point to psychic abilities, according to Psychics 4 Today. Have you ever dreamed something that later happened in real life?


Extreme Empathy

People with extraordinary empathy for others are sometimes known as empaths. For instance, an empath might "carry the weight of the burdens of others for several days following your interactions with them," according to Amanda Linette Meder of The Spiritual Living Blog. It may be difficult for these sensitive people to simply shrug off the feelings and troubles of others.


Gut Feelings

Does it ever feel like your gut feelings are extremely correct? Feeling a magnetic pull toward some decision for seemingly no reason may be evidence of this sensation. "Or perhaps you’ve had a strong urge, while driving, to avoid a certain way home . . . only to find out later that there had been a terrible accident on the route you were on," said psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson in HuffPost. If your gut feelings regularly save you from harm, then this may be considered a sort of psychic phenomenon.