If You Get Pregnant Now, Your Baby Will Have One Of The Most Popular Birthdays

Sometimes, or, apparently, lots of times, people don't just walk around in a winter wonderland — they do it. In a winter wonderland. Or their bedrooms, whatever. Because, as it turns out, lots and lots of babies are conceived around the holidays. In fact, if you get pregnant over the holidays, your baby will have one of the most popular birthdays on the calendar. Also, I am so grossed out right now, because my MawMaw was born in September and my freaking little brother was born in the very beginning of October (he was late, too) and I can't get the grossness out of my brain.

Call it a desire to warm up, giving into boredom, the ever increasing allure of flannel pajamas and wool socks, whatever you attribute it to, people mate more in the month of December than any other month. This means that come September, there are a whole bunch of delayed Christmas gifts dropped off by the stork. Granted, all days are popular birthdays — people are literally born all the time, but there is an expected spike at the end of the summer that comes around every year, according to TIME. If you have a September birthday, you know what that means don't you? It means you can never think about your parents at Christmastime ever again.

Why is it that so many babies are born in September? It's called The Holiday Effect, and it's a real thing, according to a study published in The Journal of Marriage and Family. People just feel closer to one another during the holidays. Here's the strange thing — it doesn't even matter if you celebrate them or not. I'm not kidding. You could be a Solstice dancing atheist who only dances on Solstice because someone told you there'd be lots of free beer and open minds, and you're still more likely to do it and get knocked up come Christmas Eve.

There's twinkling lights and, in my friends and family's cases, Chinese food, so, I mean, who wouldn't want to knock boots? It's the overall feeling of togetherness and sense of charity in the air that leads people to find one another and feel really, really charitable. With the current tax bill set to make charity even more charitable by possibly eliminating it as a tax deduction, take it where you can get it, you know? Because we could all use some hugs and closeness from the ones we love right about now. (And by take it, I mean assure that stuff is completely consensual. Consent is sexy, people. Possibly the sexiest. Feel free to word it like this "Are you sure you want it?" If they reply "yes," get more explicit with the details. It's consent and dirty talk. You're welcome.)

Another theory is that because you're cold, you're more likely to get more cuddly. I know that it does not take much time for me cuddling my husband before it leads to other things if there're no children about. It's really easy to get handsy under the covers or in front of the fire. Especially if you've had a warming beverage like mulled wine or cider. Why is that? Scents like vanilla, cinnamon, orange peel, and pumpkin pie spices are an aphrodisiac to men, according to Glamour magazine. The aroma emanating from your spicy beverage, combined with the relaxing quality of the wine or cider is a real boost to your engines.

Simply put, if you get pregnant now, your child will have one of the most popular birthdays because everyone is doing the same thing right about now. Maybe reserve that private hospital room sooner than later.

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