These 7 Types Of Dreams About Your Partner Might Mean They’re Your Soulmate

You may not have thought that your dreams could tell you anything about your life or how you feel about things, but, well, the subconscious mind can be sneaky. Though dreams might not actually mean what they appear to mean or even actually be about what you think they are, they might be able to tell you more than you thought that they could. Dreams might tell you things about your relationships, your career satisfaction, what's still bothering you even though you thought you'd let it go, and more. And if you have these types of dreams about your partner, that might mean they're your soulmate.

Lauri Loewenberg, an expert dream interpreter currently working with digital luxury mattress brand DreamCloud, tells Romper that dreams "are like puzzles." So many different elements of the dreams — and the context in which they're in — can signify different things. Those different elements and their meanings all can be put together to determine what your dream might mean.

Dreaming about the people in your life probably isn't all that out of the ordinary for you, but even dreams that don't feature your partner themselves and therefore might not be obviously about your relationship can potentially tell you an awful lot. Here are some symbols that Loewenberg says you should keep an out for.



Loewenberg says that butterflies are her favorite symbol in a dream. It's a seriously-good sign for your relationship when butterflies crop up in your dreams at night. "That’s a big sign that you’re in a relationship that has transformed you or has transformed into something beautiful and this relationship is ready to take flight," she says. "Also, you know, we get butterflies in our stomach when we’re really in love."



Dogs are another good relationship dream sign, as long as they're healthy and generally positive. "The nature of the dog in the dream will reflect your relationship," Loewenberg says. "If you’re dreaming of happy, healthy, friendly dogs, or even dogs that are actually communicating with you, that’s a very positive sign for your relationship because it shows it’s happy, it’s healthy, and there’s a lot of good communication going on. That could definitely be a sign you’re with your soulmate."

Not only that, but she adds that if you dream that someone gives you a dog or a puppy, that's a sign that you see your relationship as a gift as well.


Ships Or Boats

"Another common relationship symbol are ships and boats because dreams will use wordplay, like, relation-ship, also 'two ships passing in the night,' the love boat, all these nautical terms we’ll use to indicate a romance will show up in our dreams in the forms of ships or boats," Loewenberg says. "And also, ships navigate through water and water’s the emotional realm, as far as the subconscious mind is concerned." She adds that if you dream that you're on a luxury ship, that might be an indication that you're with the person who's truly your soulmate.

"If you’re steering the boat, that’s an excellent sign that things are in control and you’re steering the relationship in the way it needs to go," she says.



Like dogs, cats too can be a positive relationship sign when they show up in your dreams. Unlike dogs, however, which signify the friendship and camaraderie in your relationship, Loewenberg says that cats signify the sexual part of your relationship.

"You want to see that the cats in your dreams to be happy, healthy, even communicative, that’s a good sign that the sex aspect of your relationship is healthy and that you are being pet and purred appropriately," she explains.



"The state of the water in the dream will reflect your emotions at the time of the dream," Loewenberg says. "So, in a good, healthy relationship, you want positive, nurturing, feel-good emotions, so you want to see clear water, calm water, you want to be swimming and having a good time in the water. These are all signs of an emotionally-healthy relationship."

Cruising on a boat through calm water while you're steering is a very, very good sign, relationship-wise.



Fish, too, can be a positive relationship symbol in a dream. Fish-related phrases like "plenty of fish in the sea" and "they're a good catch" can be reflected in your dreams, Loewenberg says.

"If you’re dreaming of a body of water with beautiful, big, bountiful fish, you’re feeling very blessed in your relationship," she adds. "And also, we keep fish, we also feed off of fish, so this would be telling you that he’s a keeper and also he will feed your soul." And that's what a soulmate is and does.



Pretty, tranquil, yet cascading waterfalls are another really good sign. "That’s a really good sign that you’re feeling drenched and immersed in the emotional aspect of the relationship — that could be a good sign for a soulmate," Loewenberg says.

While your dreams might not give you any kind of truly definitive answer about if your relationship will ultimately work out, they can definitely send you some signs that you feel like it's happy, healthy, and just might last.

Correction: This post has been edited to clarify Lauri Loewenberg's specialty.

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