These 9 Instant Pot Recipes Will Make Even The Pickiest Eater Happy At The Table

Like any parent, I've had my share of parenting hits and misses, but one of my favorite "wins" is my daughter's diverse palate. I don't even know if I can take credit for it, but I would like to think I had something to do with her love for lentils, broccoli, and every fruit under the sun. But as she's growing into a vocal toddler, we did have to learn how to accommodate her requests for certain foods, requiring creativity in order to keep things interesting at the table. That's why these Instant Pot recipes picky kids will love are kind of awesome, because we all need a helping hand sometimes, right?

If your child is a cheese lover, then you'll find jazzed-up macaroni and cheese on the menu that comes complete with ideas for fun toppings. You'll also notice beefed-up buttered rice and chicken noodle soup, as well as an oatmeal recipe that works as a filling breakfast option. And if you are trying to encourage your child to be a more adventurous eater, then you will love the Indian vegetable rice. Oh, and get this: There are even brownies.

Either way, there's something for the whole family — even the toughest critics at the dinner table.


Buttered Rice

If your kid has buttered noodles on repeat, then you might want to try changing things up a bit with this Buttered Rice Dish from Cookies & Cups. Add homemade bone broth or store bought veggie stock to the mix, and you'll also be providing an extra dose of nutrients at dinner time.


Red Berry Risotto Oatmeal

Vanilla, a dash of sugar, and sweet raspberries and strawberries will earn this Red Berry Risotto Oatmeal from Mel's Kitchen a top breakfast spot in your household. If berries aren't your kiddo's thing, then consider swapping them out for their favorite fruits.


Macaroni & Cheese

I mean, the pictures kind of speak for themselves with this simple recipe for Instant Pot Creamy Macaroni and Cheese from FoodieCrush. It's a solid alternative to the boxed version your kids love, plus it comes with ideas for toppings, like pesto, caramelized onions, and buffalo chicken.


Mexican Quinoa Stew

If you have a tough time squeezing beans or healthy grains like quinoa into your kid's diet, then you may want to try this Mexican Quinoa Stew from Cookie + Kate. Not only will the spices disguise some of their not-so-favorite ingredients, but you might also be able to convince them to eat it if they use something like fun Tostitos Scoops as their "spoon."


Cheesy Potatoes

Comfort food at its finest, these Cheesy Potatoes from The Cocina Monologues will make a fantastic addition to your kid's less favorite side dishes, like greens or broccoli. Consider putting them side by side, so they can alternate between the two, perhaps making the veggies seem a little more appealing.


Herb-Loaded Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Whether your little one is stuck in bed with a cold or simply needs something warm on a chilly winter day, this Herb-Loaded Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup from Gimme Some Oven will be a hit. In addition to quality chicken stock, the recipe calls for a number of veggies. Even if your kid isn't fan, they probably won't even notice them in the midst of all of the wide egg noodles and flavorful herbs.


Cheesy Dip

Whether you are prepping for friends to come over or simply want to put a cheesy smile on your little one's face, this 3-2-1 Dip from Averie Cooks is always a hit. Plus, it only packs three ingredients which is always a win-win when you're on kitchen duty


Fudgy Brownies

Yes, brownies. I think it's probably safe to say these Fudgy Brownies from Taste and Tell won't require convincing for even the pickiest of eaters, am I right?


Indian Vegetable Rice

Hey, it may make a disaster of a mess when it meets a highchair, but this Indian Vegetable Rice from Mel's Kitchen not only packs a dose of veggies, it also introduces your kid to new flavors, like curry powder, which can help make them a more adventurous eater.

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