Could 'A Christmas Prince' Be Based On A True Story?

Netflix brought viewers a new holiday movie this season in the form of A Christmas Prince. The new movie stars iZombie's Rose McIver as Amber, a journalist who goes undercover to get dirt on Prince Richard, who is set to take the throne. Naturally, rather than discover Richard is the playboy the tabloids make him out to be, Amber ends up falling for him. This cute romance has some people wondering if A Christmas Prince is based on a true story. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it's not, but one can certainly dream that such fairytales exist in real life.

The new movie takes place in the fictional European country of Aldovia, where Prince Richard's father has recently died. However, unlike most real royal lines, Richard doesn't have to immediately take the throne. Instead, he becomes a king-in-waiting of sorts, and has time to decide if he really wants to wear the crown or if he would rather abdicate instead. While he's working on making that decision, in drops Amber. She arrives at the castle under the guise of being a tutor/nanny for Richard's little sister, Princess Emily. As The Prince & Me taught us, the best way to get into a prince's heart is by getting his little sister on your side.


Breaking a scandalous story about Prince Richard would easily sky rocket Amber's career, which is why she took the job in the first place (and also no other writer was available). But once she gets to know Prince Richard and the rest of the royal family, will she really be able to turn her back on them, just for a salacious scoop? Probably not, but wouldn't that be quite the plot twist?

Besides Amber lying about who she is, there are a few other conflicts that pop up in the movie. For one, although Prince Richard might not be the playboy the papers make him out to be, he does have an ex-girlfriend, who despite having betrayed him in the past, he still keeps around for some reason. It probably has something to do with the fact that she's part of the nobility, but really, he's a prince. Does he have to hang out with ex if he doesn't want to? Seems suspicious and you can bet Amber will think so too.

Along with the ex that just won't go away, Richard also has a cousin who has some nefarious plans of his own up his sleeve. To make everything worse, a revelation about Prince Richard's past may actually stop him from becoming king, whether he wants to be or not. Thankfully, his father made a decree just in case something like this happened... Prince Richard just has to find it first. Because no one just leaves royal decrees where they can be easily found anymore.

Anyway, this movie has a lot going on, but despite it's low budget, A Christmas Prince has already garnered a number of fans. The storyline may be a little corny, but it's a cute love story that's filled with heartwarming moments, some comedy, and, of course, a bit of drama. It's perfect for people who want to get into the holiday spirit and love royals. So when you get tired of watching Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's engagement interview over and over again, you can just turn on A Christmas Prince, and imagine it's you that accidentally falls in love with the prince of a small country when you're supposed to be working. Wouldn't be that be the best Christmas gift of all?

A Christmas Prince is now streaming on Netflix.

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