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Addison's Initials Have 'PLL' Fans Suspicious

Only two episodes into the final season of PLL and already there are new A.D. suspects and (spoiler alert!) Hanna was trapped in a cage yet again fighting for her life in the middle of the day. Dang, is it just me, or does Hanna always get messed with whenever Jenna's in town? But it's not just Jenna, or the blast from the past reappearance of Holden, that has fans thinking about how this endgame plays out. What about the new mean girl? Is Addison Derringer A.D. on Pretty Little Liars? Addison is basically Alison 2.0 when it comes to manipulation and sneaky ways. Given her evil moves and suspicious initials, it's hard not to let your mind wander.

But alas, this theory seems kind of impossible. For one, it is way too obvious that she has the same initials as A.D. Also, she's just too young (she would've been in elementary school when all of this started). Plus, at the end of "These Boots Were Made For Stalking," Emily (Shay Mitchell) found a video of the student accusing her of sexual harassment taking bong hits behind The Brew, to use against Addison.

What Addison really is is a pawn in the game A.D. (Jenna?) wants them to play once and for all. That the high school bully's initials match their nemesis is all part of the mind game.

PLL fans are in for a crazy final season obviously. A.D. is going to hit every single Liar where it hurts the most in order for this to end. Emily was up last week, being harassed to the point of blackmailing a tenth grader. It looks like the real A.D. actually sent an email from Addison's account "gloating" that she was taking Emily down, therein helping Emily out of the potentially career-ending situation.

That's why she got the message to embrace her dark side with the puzzle piece. Her turn was over — she just had to be emotionally harassed to get there. Next up might be Hanna. She got a message at the cobbler's place that she would have to "wait her turn," but someone is already playing mind games with her, too, so it looks like she's the next target. This past week was just the lead up for more to come, but I doubt Addison will have anything to do with it.

She was just a pawn A.D. used in order to manipulate Emily. Maybe we'll see her again, maybe we won't — but I very much doubt she's the mastermind behind everything the Liars have been put through. A.D.'s identity is going to be shocking. Not be someone we only just met a few weeks ago.