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Is Alex The New Chad On ‘The Bachelorette’? He Is Very Vocal

As Batman has taught us, you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain – and Alex on The Bachelorette is no exception. At the end of Monday night's episode, the final rose came down to Alex and dopey contender James Taylor. When JoJo decided that both of them are staying, Alex went off on a tantrum to rival Chad's earlier this season. Has Alex become the new Chad on The Bachelorette?

It was clear in this episode that JoJo is not messing around at this point. She neglected to give Wells a rose after their solo date (and first kiss, ouch) and soon after chose Chase over Derek during a two-on-one date – which spiraled into Derek crying in the van with a singer belting out "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" throughout.

With hearts breaking left and right, it was nerve-wracking for all going into the rose ceremony. Out of the final six, JoJo was down to two: Alex and James Taylor (who, even though is the only James at this point, is such a two-namer). With only one rose left, JoJo was so stressed out that she left the room. She and Chris Harrison returned with two roses: one for both Alex and James; no one was going home.

James, in his usual "just happy to be here" demeanor, was overjoyed that he got a rose. Alex, however, was singing a different tune. In a talking head he droned on about how he's so obviously the one for JoJo and has no idea how he was not definitely getting a rose, and how it was down to him and James of all people. He was clearly pissed and said he was given a "pity rose."

It's pretty easy to compare Alex's over-the-top temper tantrum to those of Chad earlier in the season. Like Chad, Alex's inappropriate brouhaha proved how much he really should not be here even though he's preaching that he's the one for JoJo. This is all pretty ironic, seeing as Alex was one of Chad's adversaries and had a prominent hand in his demise. It seems that Alex has assumed the role as Chad: believing he's too good for these guys and perfect for JoJo, yet unsure as to how she hasn't seen that yet. Will Alex get the recognition he craves, or will he go the way of Chad? We'll have to stay tuned to find out.