Carole Segal/Syfy

Alice Battles The Beast On 'The Magicians'

When you're dealing with magic, nothing is ever easy and you always have to pay a price. So when it finally came time for Alice to finally face-off against the Beast, you knew it was bound to come with some serious consequences. But what you may not have accounted for was the possibility that it would also cost the magician her life. So is Alice really dead on The Magicians or will there be some way for her to magically come back to life like at the beginning of Season 2? Sadly, I don't think there's going to be any wiggle room to undo this terrible turn of events.

For starters, Alice was no longer juiced up with her God-like powers like she was at the beginning of the season. Her battle with the Beast seemed to have drained the rest of it out of her, which is when she started to really lose control of all the magic she was harnessing. She purposefully made herself become a Niffin — which, if you recall, was what happened to her brother, Charlie — meaning that she basically morphed into just one big ball of magical energy that consumed everything she once was.

And while the good news is that this gave her the power to defeat the Beast, it also made her identity as Alice disappear, which left Quentin with no other choice than to release the cacodemon from his back and stop Niffin Alice from causing any harm to the rest of them.

Obviously, that was a very difficult and selfless decision for Quentin to make, and given how he broke down in tears while holding her now-limp body, it seems like this is one death that will not be able to be reversed or altered. However, that doesn't necessarily mean we won't still see Alice as the season progresses. That's the beauty of being part of a show centered around the existence of magic — it makes it so anything is possible.

While the death itself seems legit, maybe there's some other way for the actress to remain on the show. There were once two Margos walking around on the series. Maybe there's a way to create another Alice? Does Margo still have that genie, and if so, could she wish Alice back into existence? Plus, there's always the option of seeing her via flashbacks. So don't worry — I seriously doubt this is the very last we see of her, especially since there's so much story left to tell. The writers wouldn't actually kill her off completely... right?