What To Know About Anal Sex & The 1st Trimester

by Irina Gonzalez

When you become pregnant for the very first time, you will likely have countless questions over the first few months. There will be questions about what you should eat, how your baby should be growing, and how your body will change over the next nine-plus months. You may also have questions about what will be safe when it comes to bedroom activity. For example, is anal sex safe in the first trimester or should you ignore the butt stuff?

According to The Bump, anal sex while pregnant might be fine but there are several potential issues that couples should consider before indulging in backdoor play. As with any sexual act during pregnancy, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety for the baby and the comfort of the expectant mother.

In an interview with Romper, certified sex educator Madison Young says anal sex and anal play during pregnancy "can be completely safe." This is especially true for couples who "have been engaging in anal sex prior to getting pregnant," Aleece Fosnight, an OB-GYN physician's assistant, tells Romper.

Although it might be safe to engage in anal sex during your first trimester and possible throughout your pregnancy, there are still some precautions you should take. For instance, anal sex is fine so long as the mother-to-be knows her partner's STI status In an interview with Romper, sex therapist Dr. Debra Laino warns that "things could change a little in the third trimester" if the pregnant woman suffers from hemorrhoids or placenta previa, when the placenta covers the opening of the mother's cervix. Either of these conditions could make anal sex uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Pregnant women looking to engage in anal sex with their partners should also be careful with cleanliness. According to The Bump, if you have anal sex while pregnant and your partner moves from the rectum into the vagina without cleaning up first, he may unwittingly introduce dangerous bacteria into the birth canal and ultimately harm the baby.

"Continue safety with use of a condom and paying close attention to not move to vaginal penetration unless the penis has been thoroughly cleaned, even if a condom was used," Fosnight says.

Young emphasizes that in order to have safe anal sex during pregnancy, women should be aware of their bodies and their comfort levels.

"It will really vary depending on the pregnant individual and the pregnancy," Young told Romper. "If it is uncomfortable for you, it is probably not the right time to be exploring or experiencing anal sex or anal stimulation. But if you find that anal play continues to be enjoyable for you during your pregnancy then there is no reason to stop enjoying anal play."

Laino agrees, reminding women that they should go slow and at their own speed. She also stresses the importance of communicating with your partner about what feels and what doesn't, especially if you are experimenting with anal sex for the first time while pregnant. She says:

"I always tell any heterosexual couple to first use a finger to loosen up the anus, make sure they are using a natural lubricant and make sure they go slow. I recommend the female partner on top so she has control over the speed and depth of thrusting. She can slowly lower herself on her partner's penis while her partner continues to stimulate her clitoris. Once she has her partner's penis in her fully she can 'ride' his penis in the same way she would if her partner's penis was in her vagina."

Ultimately, however, there is no reason not to try for the first time or continue with anal sex if you are comfortable. Fosnight assures Romper that "anal stimulation can actually become more arousing during pregnancy" since there is an increased blood flow to the pelvic region and nerve stimulation around the anus can be even more pleasurable. If you are being clear about your desires and when you are experiencing discomfort with your partner, as well as keeping clean and safe, then enjoying anal sex during your first trimester and beyond is definitely possible.