Parents, The Snowy Flick 'Arctic Dogs' Out Today Could Be A Hit With Your Kiddos

The upcoming animated film Arctic Dogs is sure to put families in the mood for all things winter with its fun, snowy setting. But before you head to the theater this weekend, some parents may be wondering if Arctic Dogs is OK for younger kids, say 5 and under. With its PG rating, it seems like a safe choice for little ones, but here's what parents should know about the cute flick before purchasing tickets for the whole fam.

Arctic Dogs, which hits theaters on Friday, Nov. 1, looks like a silly, fun, and family-friendly movie, telling the story of a bunch of unlikely snowy animals that "band together to save the day," according to the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media, which provides entertainment reviews and recommendations for parents. Common Sense Media's consensus is that Arctic Dogs "looks OK for big kids." The film is rated PG due to "some mild action and rude humor," according to IMDb. So, as parents know their kids best, they'll have to decide if material with a little action and mild rudeness will be suitable for them.

Without any spoilers, according to Collider, here's the low-down of what happens in the film: Swifty, the arctic fox who works in a mailroom, yearns to become one of the arctic's top deliverymen, but he is just an arctic fox, not a snow dog. So to prove he's more than capable, he takes control and delivers a package to a top secret location. It's there where Swifty learns there's an evil plan to melt the arctic and only Swifty, along with his trusted friends, can stop the villains from destroying their home.

While that seems pretty action-packed, the trailer for the film suggests that it's relatively tame, teasing a fun story of an unlikely hero with a plan to save the world from destruction.

If all of that doesn't sound interesting enough as is, you might be interested to know that a bunch of beloved actors have lent their voices to the film. According to Entertainment Tonight, the animated movie stars James Franco, Heidi Klum, and Jeremy Renner, just to name a few.

And if you're still not sure if Arctic Dogs is OK for young kiddo, it might be a good idea to watch the trailer with them to see if it piques their interest or if the action overwhelms them. As the movie hits theaters today, not many reviews have been released just yet. However, one of the stars of the film, and who also happens to be a mom herself, Heidi Klum, said in a promotional video that Arctic Dogs is about "teamwork and doing your best," which seems pretty family friendly.

What's more, Klum, along with Entertainment Studios, provided pediatric patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles with a preview of Arctic Dogs ahead of the film's release, according to Look To The Stars. "The kids will love it. It’s a fun family movie!" Byron Allen, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, told the outlet.

So with all that said, while it's probably a good idea to check out the trailer ahead of time to get a sense of the action in store, it seems like Arctic Dogs could be a good excuse to head to the movies with your family this weekend.