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Is Arnold Ford's Brother On 'Westworld'? This Theory Explains Arnold's History

There's two episodes left in Westworld's first season and as fans get more and more answers, they're also left with even more questions. After Bernard discovered (or Ford let him discover) the secret hideout where Ford keeps the host version of his family, many fans have found themselves wondering if Ford's brother is Arnold on Westworld. Ford explained he was keeping those hosts hidden away because they were a gift from Arnold so Ford could remember his family but fans believe it's more than that.

Reddit user plakhuntrava points out that when Ford first told Bernard about Arnold and showed him the picture, you could only see Ford and his father, but there was some empty space to the right. Now that fans know Bernard is a host, it seems that Bernard was not able to actually see Arnold in the image. Like many other hosts, he's been programmed to ignore anything that would disrupt his narrative. And if Arnold really is in the picture with Ford and his father, then it wouldn't be that great of a leap to assume that they could be related. Why else would they all be in a picture together?

To add to this theory, Reddit user annlkh suggests that Ford's backstory on the show correlates with the real-life Robert Ford, who is his namesake. Apparently the real Robert Ford was an American outlaw who had an older brother named Charles. The two of them performed reenactments before Charles committed suicide, the same way Arnold supposedly died. Annlkh argues the park is kind of like a big reenactment and the fact that Arnold killed himself in the park is very reminiscent of Charles. Therefore it would make sense that Ford's older brother did, in fact, turn out to be Arnold.


Although these theories are good, there are other fans that argue Ford's brother's name has already been revealed. In the second episode of the season, before fans knew who the young host-version of Ford was, he was seen walking with present-day Ford. During the walk, the young Ford said, "We wanted to climb to the top of the mountain, but Daddy said we weren't allowed. And then Tommy dared me."

Later when it was revealed that Ford has an entire host version of his family living in the confines of the park, many made the connection that Tommy must be Ford's brother. However, other fans have argued that Arnold could still be Tommy's middle name and it could still be Arnold.

Whether or not Arnold is Ford's brother, it's obvious Arnold is an important player in the world of Westworld and it seems doubtful that Ford is telling the whole truth about what happened to him. With only two episodes left, fans are anxious to know the truth — but how much will actually be revealed in these last two episodes remains unclear. Thankfully, Westworld has been renewed for a second season, so whatever questions that are left unanswered are bound to come to light some day. Hopefully.