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Bennett Has Unfinished Business On 'OITNB'

Bennett and Daya had been a couple since the early days of Orange is the New Black, with their relationship causing more than a few complications over the course of the series. Despite the power imbalance inherent in their relationship due to Bennett being a guard and Daya being an inmate, the show often presented them as deeply in love and committed to one another. That was, of course, until Bennett rode out of town in Season 3 never to be seen again, abandoning Daya and their baby. But is that the last fans will ever see of him? Is Bennett in Orange is the New Black Season 5?

It doesn't seem like Bennett will be back for the fifth installment for a few reasons, chief amongst them being that the entire season has a compressed timeline that spans just a couple of days. With everything going on with the prison riot at Litchfield, there probably wouldn't be enough time to address where Bennett is or what happened to him. Actor Matt McGorry hasn't announced a return to the show either, and his IMDB page is full of other projects that would probably be keeping him too busy to return. However, one can't discount the possibility that Bennett could be back in future seasons. McGorry didn't totally rule it out.

In an interview with Bustle, McGorry didn't sound too positive about the chances of Bennett coming back to OITNB, but he also didn't shoot the possibility down. "At this point, I don't know what will happen next," he said. "I wish I could give you more information, but I don't know anything at this point." His statement may not be very promising, but it seems the door could remain open for a return. At the very least, it's not shut.

Then again, McGorry also felt that Bennett's flight made sense, as disappointing as it was. It suited the character's cowardly impulses and was probably fairly realistic considering what would really happen if an inmate and guard tried to make it work despite the obstacles (and creepiness). "Considering what their story actually looked like," McGorry told Bustle, "it was probably the only way it could have ended."

That might be disappointing for those who were hoping that somehow Bennett and Daya could work it out, or that he would find a way to take responsibility for their infant daughter. It just doesn't seem like his return is in the cards — but who knows what the future holds.