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This Bernard & Teddy Theory About 'Westworld' Will Blow Your Mind

by Mishal Ali Zafar

You can never take anything on Westworld at face value, and after the crazy shocker from Season 1, fans of the show know they need to keep an open eye and mind about what’s to come. This season, the hosts have taken over the park, and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) seems to be the new boss in town. However, with all of the disorientation surrounding Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), there is a fan theory that points to him being someone else altogether. Is Bernard really Teddy? It’s a far-fetched notion, but then again, this is Westworld.

The mind boggling "B=T" theory surfaced on the internet last month from Reddit user subvrsteve, who theorized that Bernard seems confused and disoriented because Teddy’s consciousness had been uploaded to him. Remember, the hosts brains are spherical mechanical cores that can be removed and read, which you can see being ripped out of a host by a Delos engineer in the first episode of Season 2, Journey Into The Night. So, it’s not out the realm of possibility that someone took Teddy’s brain and inserted it into Bernard’s body.

There are tons of fan theories circulating about this season already, but this one, if true, is really huge. If Bernard is actually Teddy, that puts a lot of other core stories at play, plus it brings into question who did it and why. Here are a few of the reasons this theory seems like a viable one:


Bernard Is Dressed Like Teddy

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In the present timeline, Bernard seemed to have ditched his modern duds for a old-timey outfit, similar to what Teddy wears. When he first wakes up to meet the Delos team on the beach, he doesn’t seem to need his glasses either.


Hosts Brains Can Be Removed

In the first episode, when Bernard is walking on the beach with the Delos team, he sees an engineer cracking open the skull of a Native American host. The engineer pulls out the hosts core brain and while he notes that it’s not possible for hosts to change their character profiles, Bernard looks down at his hands in confusion. The camera then zooms in on Bernard who looks down at his hands in confusion as the scene cuts away.


Jonathan Nolan’s Rickroll

Earlier this year, Westworld executive producer, Jonathan Nolan, released a prank, or Rickroll, video that showed Bernard sitting on the train and getting off of it just like Teddy. Sure it might be an all too obvious thread to pull at, but many fans think that this video supports the B=T Theory.


"I Killed Them"

In the first episode, when Bernard is staring at a sea of floating dead hosts, he says, “I killed them, all of them.” The B=T Theory points out that Teddy was the one killing scores of hosts in the first season, and it could be his memories or guilt that is making Bernard say these words.


Dolores Is Wyatt, And Wyatt Is Mean

Dolores’ personality shifts from kind to brutal because she has been uploaded with Wyatt’s characteristics. When the Wyatt side of her comes out, she has no mercy, which was clear in Akane No Mai, when she asked the engineer to make extreme changes to Teddy, saying, “to grow, we all need to suffer.”


Teddy’s Host Body Is Dead

In the first episode, when Bernard is looking into the lake filled with dead host bodies, he notices Teddy’s body. Bernard looks pretty upset, and fans theorize this is because it is in fact Teddy looking at his own dead body.


Bernard’s Scar Is Gone

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Last season, after Ford ordered Bernard to shoot himself, Felix repaired Bernard leaving a little scar on his temple. But when Bernard wakes up on the beach in the first episode of Season 1, he has no visible scar. Fans theorize that this means someone has worked on Bernard, and perhaps even uploaded Teddy’s consciousness into his brain.