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Evidence That Blue Ivy Is In The Illuminati

The internet is notorious for coming up with some pretty wild theories about why things are the way they are. The theories floating around about celebrities, however, are among some of the most intense (and often hilarious) in the internet trove. One of the more recent: Is Blue Ivy in the Illuminati? The internet is convinced that Beyoncé and Jay Z's daughter is part of the most talked about secret societies in the history of the world.

If you need a quick refresher, the Illuminati were real at one point in history, but not in quite the conspiratorial context in which they are believed to secretly exist in today. The Freemasons, another top secret group that is also totally real, formed the Illuminati in Europe around the time of the American Revolution. It was eventually disbanded — or was it? Many people believe that the world is basically controlled by the ultra-famous, many of whom they say are in the Illuminati, and that includes singers, actors, and members of the government (of course).

Given that her fame is unsurpassed, Beyoncé is no stranger to this whole Illuminati conspiracy thing: the internet has been convinced that she's a member for a while now. Not only is she definitely more than famous enough to be considered Illuminati-worthy, but many people have pointed out that she's got a thing for making hand-triangles — a sign of the secret society.

Implicating Blue Ivy in the Illuminati conspiracy, however, has taken the internet's theories to a whole new level. When Blue Ivy was born, conspiracy theorists were quick to point out two things: first, that the words "BLUE" and "IVY" are an acronym for "Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati's Very Youngest", and second, that Blue Ivy spelled backwards is "Eulb Yvi." What's the significance of that, you ask? Well, many theorists said that it was the name of Satan's daughter in Latin, but that was debunked by... some actual Satanists. And also because those words don't actually exist in the Latin language. But like, whatever — maybe that's just what the Illuminati wants us to think.

Obviously if Beyoncé were actually in the Illuminati, or any secret society for that matter, she wouldn't go around making a big deal of it. Back in 2013, The Huffington Post ran a fake comedy article where Beyoncé admitted to being a member of the Illuminati (and this was before fake news was a thing). Conspiracy theorists were, of course, convinced it was real and totally unsurprised by the admission. Still, even when they realized it was a fake article, the theories continued.

It was only when Beyoncé released the completely flawless gift that is "Formation" that she directly addressed the persistent and silly Illuminati rumors: the first lyric she utters is "Y'all haters corny with all that Illuminati mess."

Even after "Formation," the conspiracy rumors have continued — they probably will forever more — and now Illuminati theorists think that her latest announcement (that she's blessing the world with twins) is yet another sign that she's a member. At this point, given what a strange and often terrible world we're living in, if Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and their entire family turned out to actually be in the Illuminati, would it even be that surprising? And to be honest, if that meant Beyoncé truly did run the world, that would be extremely preferable to the current state of affairs.