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Bonnie Could Be In Danger On 'HTGAWM'

In the last few weeks on How to Get Away with Murder, Bonnie's paranoia has been increasing the more dangerous her position in the D.A.'s office becomes. In "The Day Before He Died," she was fearful that her car had been tampered with; lo and behold, the episode ended with a major crash. But is Bonnie dead on HTGAWM?

Early on in the episode, Bonnie had enlisted Frank to make sure there was nothing amiss with her car. Though he assured her it was fine, Bonnie wasn't satisfied; despite that, she did get behind the wheel later so that she could deliver some important news to Annalise in person. While on her way, she left a message implicating Denver, claiming that he had the missing drive and had been playing both sides for a long time. Denver, meanwhile, was watching video surveillance of Bonnie when he called up Laurel's dad Jorge and urged him to "handle it."

It was all so blatantly suspicious that anyone who had ever seen TV before knew something would happen to Bonnie's car before the close of the episode. And while a horrific accident did end "The Day Before He Died," fans can try to have a sliver of hope — HTGAWM didn't actually show Bonnie crashing, so there's a chance she could be alive, even though it seems pretty slim right now.

Annalise and Frank were at her hotel room waiting for Bonnie when a call came through from Nate. He alerted Annalise to the accident, which lends credence to the idea that it was Bonnie in that car and not someone random. Nate wouldn't personally call Annalise about an accident unless it involved someone who was important to her. Still, that's doesn't necessarily mean Bonnie is dead, right? She could just be injured!

Unfortunately, it was pretty clear that whoever was in that car is no longer living. If the body bag wasn't a tip-off, then the coroner's van nearby confirmed it. The person's identity wasn't revealed, but there are just too many clues stacking up. The show was telegraphing danger when it came to Bonnie's car, and Denver definitely wanted her out of the way. It looks like he may have succeeded.

A tweet from series creator Pete Nowalk didn't provide any comfort either. The finale of Season 4 will be airing next week, and he tweeted that it would contain one more death. Considering the dire situation Bonnie has seemingly found herself in, she might be a goner. The promo for the finale didn't show her at all, though there were plenty of shots of the Keating 4 looking sad, with particular focus on Asher weeping. Bonnie is his ex, so it might hit him harder than the other characters.

In the promo, Nate said that foul play was involved in the accident, adding to the theory that Denver might have called on Jorge to cause the crash. The final hint that one of the major character dies is a comment from Connor. He wonders aloud why this always happens to them, echoing a common sentiment on the show that death seems to follow the group. These people keep it exclusive, so he could only be remarking on someone close to them dying yet again.

Of course, it's always possible that Bonnie's death is just too obvious. Perhaps the show is trying to trick the audience and will swerve in another direction next week. They're definitely trying to keep their viewers guessing by not showing who was being loaded into the coroner's van, but sometimes you have to accept that the most simple explanation is the right one.

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