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Fans Have Questions About That 'JTV' Ending

Jane the Virgin left fans devastated when they unexpectedly killed off Jane's husband, Michael (played by Brett Dier). Now fans are wondering if Brett Dier is leaving Jane the Virgin for good. Although Michael is no longer with us in the living world, that doesn't necessarily mean we won't see him again on the show. The telenovela-based show loves to jump back and forth in time and I have to believe that they'll bring Michael back at least one more time for some flashbacks. I need more Michael in my life and I refuse to accept this is the last we've seen of him.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman delved into that very topic. It's hard to know for sure what'll happen next, but as Monday night's episode indicated, the show will now be jumping three years into the future and flashing back to the aftermath of Michael's death. So as depressing as they'll be, we may end up seeing Michael on the slab or at his funeral. (Real talk: I may have burst into tears upon just writing that sentence.)

Either way, though, we should definitely be seeing Michael again in some form or another as the season progresses. Urman assured The Hollywood Reporter as much in a separate interview, saying that the show is "Definitely, definitely bringing Brett back." It just might not be right away. "The tricky balance is when to bring him back because you don't want to bring him back too soon so that the audience doesn’t feel the loss of him because that needs to settle and feel real," Urman explained. "But you feel him throughout. I can't emphasize that enough."

At this point in time, Dier hasn't commented on his character's death, but he did warn fans in advance that this was an episode they'd want to see live.

Well he definitely wasn't kidding about needing to see it live. If you didn't watch this episode while it aired, you were most likely spoiled because the fandom exploded on social media when Michael's fate was revealed. From outrage to sadness to even a little bit of joy (#TeamRafael rises!), everyone had something to say about Monday's night episode and this will probably be discussed for days to come.

Although Michael's death was definitely unexpected, the show certainly gave us clues that it was going to happen. As the narrator reminded us on Monday night, he had told us Michael would love Jane until his last dying breath. Of course, I was hoping that would be when they were in their 90s, not less than a year after they'd gotten married. Still, there were multiple hints throughout the series and especially in Monday night's episode that prepared fans for Michael's impending demise. Even so, no one felt truly prepared. RIP Michael. You will be missed.