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Is Bronte Of 'Big Brother 18' Single? She Might Be Open To A Showmance

We're barely a week into Big Brother 18 and a whole host of potential showmances are already brewing. While some houseguests have already explicitly expressed their interest in hook-ups (here's lookin' at you, Victor and "single as a Pringle" Natalie!), a few of the others have played it more low-key when it comes to their interest in romance. Being single outside of the house isn't necessarily required to partake in a houseguest hook-up, but it certainly helps the road to showmance run a bit more smoothly. Is mathematician-in-training Bronte single outside of the Big Brother house?

During the season premiere's houseguest introductions, Bronte wasn't among one of the several contestants who clarified their relationship status. In her pre-show Diary Room video with Jeff Schroeder, she did state that she was single. However, she clarified that she was more interested in playing "matchmaker" than indulging in a romance of her own, saying her plan was to encourage others to have showmances, making them easy targets for elimination.

Kind of a dark "love is weakness" mentality, if you ask me, but Big Brother history has show that she's not exactly wrong (most of the time).

That said, Bronte's behavior while actually in the house definitely seems to indicate that she's open to potential showmances. She's been vibing with two houseguests in particular – Paul and Paulie. Seems like that might get confusing fast. How would we even differentiate their 'ship names? Braul and Braulie?

Apparently, Paul began showing interest in Bronte almost as soon as the live feed cameras turned on. Despite initially saying that she'd never date him because he's "too annoying," Bronte seems to have had a change of heart (or at least decided that pretending to be interested in Paul might somehow help her BB game-plan). The two were spotted getting handsy during the live feed, while trash-talking a few of the other houseguests, and also shared a kiss during a game of Truth or Dare. Paul has been rather unlikeable thus far, so here's hoping he doesn't end up dragging Bronte down with him.

I think it's safe to say that we are all Da'Vonne reacting to that kiss in the gif right now.

While Paul is seemingly all in with Bronte, she's got eyes for another – Paulie.

Bronte was (understandably) thrilled that the Mysteryland punishment for Paulie and his team involved dressing in barely-there pixelated outfits and spoke highly of his butt. Honestly, I can't blame her. Girl's got eyes.

Later, Bronte was seen on the LiveFeed telling Natalie and James that Paulie was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen – but denying she had a crush on him. Sure, Bronte. Sure.

At this point, Paulie is taking a page from his little bro Cody's book and making a name for himself as the house flirt. He's already worked his magic on Bridgette (who actually has a boyfriend back home) and Tiffany. It remains to be seen whether Bronte will have a secure spot on Paulie's flirtation rotation.

Romance always makes for great drama in the Big Brother household, so I'm definitely interested in seeing how this potential love triangle ends up shaking out.