Candace May Be Leaving 'Floribama Shore' After Her Fight With Gus

During the last episode of Floribama Shore, things got a bit heated. What was supposed to be a night of fun for Gus' birthday end up being a night of fights and an arrest. By the time the group got back to the house, Candace was packing her bags. Is Candace really leaving the Floribama Shore house? It seems pretty unlikely, but she seemed serious while packing, so who knows?

The drama began when Kirk threw crackers at the head of a heckler and was booted from the club, Tootsies. Candace was upset because she didn't understand why Kirk was the only person being kicked out of the club. Candace then confronted the police, calling their decision "bullsh*t," and that's when Gus stepped in, defending the cops, because Kirk's actions could be seen as battery if the victim decided to press charges.

Regardless, Candance didn't agree at all and was upset with Gus for not being on his roommates' side. "We are roommates. You're supposed to have your roommate's back," Candace told Gus. Surprisingly, Kirk actually sided with Gus, agreeing that his actions did have consequences, but Candace couldn't be talked down. Later in the night, when Kirk got in trouble at a different bar, Kirk apologized and Gus then requested the same from Candace; she declined.


"I don't owe nobody an apology," she told Gus. "We all should stick together, but you stuck with the cops." Then, back at the house, when the police arrived to arrest Kirk, Candace decided to start packing. "You know what? It's time for me to leave," she said.

Though Candance did start packing her bags it seems highly unlikely that she'll actually leave the house. For starters, she probably signed a contract when she joined the show to stay on for however long the season lasts. If that's true, leaving would break her contract and she'd probably owe MTV a lot of money. Even if she is pissed at Gus, I don't think that'd be enough for her to willingly break a contract that she may not be able to afford to break.

Additionally, Floribama Shore is regularly filled with drama, that's what makes watching it so fun. Candace packing her bags is probably just an act to emphasize how pissed she is. I'm sure once she talks to Kortni or Nilsa or someone else in the house besides Gus, she'll calm down and start to unpack. Moreover, Candace has always been the most level headed person in the house. She may be pissed right at the moment, but if she takes some time to think about everything, she'll realize it doesn't make sense to leave the house over this.

That said, it's pretty clear that for Candace, this wasn't just about some fight at the bar. The reality of the situation is Kirk is a black man and for Candace, who's also black, it's easy to see why she was upset with Kirk being arrested while no one else who was involved in the incidents that happened that night got into any trouble. Codi even argued in the episode that Candace was making it a "race issue," and though she didn't say so specifically in the episode Candace later revealed to Too Fab that she did believe it had to do with race.

"That's a hard city to party in when you're black. Let me just say that," she said. "But it's a lot of stuff. You know we overlook a lot of things cause we're with production...we have security so it's not like we've got to worry about anything happening...there's just certain little stuff you got to deal with going to these clubs in the redneck riviera."

She later added about the incident specifically, "It did seem like it had to have been a skin color thing, because nobody was giving me answers as to why Kirk was being kicked out."

To find out whether or not Candace is staying in the house, catch a new episode of Floribama Shore tonight on MTV at 10 p.m. ET.