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Carey Hart Wouldn't Miss Pink's 2018 Super Bowl Performance For The World

Football's biggest night of the year is upon us and to be quite honest, I don't know much about the Super Bowl. But I do know who's performing and that would be Justin Timberlake at the halftime show, with Pink opening up the game by singing the national anthem. But, is Carey Hart also at the Super Bowl tonight, cheering for his wife like the rest us? Pink's husband has always been supportive, and on a night as big as Sunday, you can bet that he wouldn't miss it for the world. Even if it was a school night for their daughter, 6-year-old Willow, and a late night for their 1-year-old son, Jameson.

Pink sang the national anthem at Super Bowl LII, and Hart confirmed his attendance on Instagram on Sunday with a sweet photo of him and Willow. "Willz and i ready for some football!!!!!" he captioned the photo of the father/daughter duo at at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota ahead of Pink's performance.

It was definitely a big night, and even though Pink was battling the flu, there's no way she was going to miss the gig of a lifetime. And neither would her family.

Pink had previously expressed her gratitude and excitement to be performing in Minneapolis for the big game. Taking to Twitter after her performance was announced, Pink wrote, "Ummm. I’m singing the national anthem and the EAGLES ARE PLAYING?!?!?! IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!?! THATS WHASSUP!!!!!!!!"

After all, more than 100 million people were projected to be watching on Sunday, according to Newsweek, so it was a pretty big deal for Pink to be singing "The Star-Spangled Banner." Additionally, on Sunday morning, Hart took to Instagram himself to post a photo of a Super Bowl graphic, revealing yet again that he attended the 2018 Super Bowl. But he might have been more invested in the game than me, if only for a family bet.

"Who you got today? I’m not much of a football fan, so you won’t see me get all emotional today. Won’t here any 'we' or 'us' come out of my mouth lol," he captioned a photo on Instagram ahead of the game. "But i do have to decide if I’m going to back the Pats and piss my brother in law off, or back the eagles and piss off @mike_mason81 . What you think?"

On the contrary, Hart's wife, Pink, made it pretty clear who she was rooting for. In addition to her tweet about being so excited to sing the national anthem when the Eagles were playing, Pink also took to Instagram on Saturday to share a photo of her rehearsing for her performance, and again expressed her excitement at seeing the Eagles play. In part, her caption read:

I will tell you, this is one of the biggest honors of my life, singing this song in front of my family, my military family, my dad and brother and step mama and family and the world. And the EAGLES!?!?! I promise I will do my best, as I always do.

Pink's Instagram also explained that she was battling the flu, and that she intended to work through it in order to power through Sunday's performance. Speaking about how she had gotten sick, Pink slyly blamed her kids. Which, if I'm being honest, is probably pretty accurate. She wrote:

Trying to practice the flu away. I’ve been waiting to sing this song since 1991 when I saw my idol, Whitney Houston, own this song. And now, my chance has finally come. And it just so happens that this chance comes when I have two small Petri dish kids who literally cough INTO MY MOUTH and rub their snot on my cheek. You can’t write this stuff I swear!

Based on Pink's and Hart's Instagram photos, you can bet he was there watching his wife and supporting her, as the rest of the nation tuned in. It was probably pretty nerve-wracking being on a stage performing in front of millions of people, and Pink probably appreciated all the support she could get from her other half.

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