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Is Chlorine Safe When You're Pregnant? Yes, But There Are Other Ways To Enjoy Water

by Jill Di Donato

As temperatures soar and your desire to cool off become paramount, you'll do about anything to swim in a pool. This goes double if you're expecting. But before you dive in, it's perfectly valid to wonder is chlorine safe when you're pregnant? The answer is yes, pools containing chlorine are perfectly safe, as long as you don't spend all day in soaking up the chemicals that keep pools clean. Dr. David M. Priver told The Bump that swimming is one of the "healthiest activities" an expectant mom can engage in. There's also the added benefit of feeling weightless in water, which feels especially amazing if you're in your third-trimester and ready to pop.

According to What To Expect, swimming can also help relieve aches and pains that your changing body is experiencing. Additionally, when pregnant, your sweat glands are in overdrive, noted What To Expect, making the community pool seem like heaven on earth. And then there's the added bonus of pool exercise, like water aerobics, swimming laps, or pretending you're a kid again and having some fun floating with a kick board, and toning your gams while you're at it.

But for the extra cautious, and extra creative mom-to-be, there are alternatives to the chlorinated pool that can keep you cool and let you enjoy the water.


The Ocean

Although you might want to avoid hardcore swimming in the ocean, as U.S. Health reported that swimming in the ocean might lead to vaginal or womb infections, there's no reason you can't get your feet wet. A little chill goes a long way to cooling you down.


The Lake

According to Mayo Clinic, the only thing you should be mindful of when swimming in a lake when pregnant is levels of E. coli bacteria. Don't be afraid to be vocal in your community and inquire about testing all communal bodies of water.


The Sprinklers

Sprinklers at your local playground might be intended for tots, but I don't think anyone is going to bat an eye at the pregnant lady romping around the sprinklers. So, go ahead and have some fun.


The Chair Shower

Bring a folding chair into the bathroom with you, and have a seat as the cool water washes over you.


The Ice Bath

Although the American Pregnancy Association noted that hot tubs are unsafe while pregnant, cool tubs or, for the extra brave, ice baths are a perfect way to enjoy a serene moment with yourself. Light the aromatherapy candles, close your eyes, and imagine you're anywhere in the world you want to be.


Water Balloons

Hey, YOLO! Just make sure whomever you play with is being careful of your belly.


The Body Sponge

Buy a body sponge, soak it in ice water, and give yourself a cool rub down.


The DIY Waterfall

Create a DIY waterfall, in your backyard with a water noodle, hose, and some strategically poked holes. Or, you can ask your partner to make a trip to Home Depot, and build you one with rocks and a diffuser like the one pictured.


The Hose Limbo

No one expects an expectant mom, even the most seasoned yogi, to go low in a game of hose limbo. Which is fine, because you want to get wet.


The Inflatable Pool

Although a round of Slip N' Slide is out of the question, there's no reason not to lounge in the kiddie pool.