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Chrissy Teigen Spent The Oscars Doing What She Does Best — Being Hilarious & Cooking

Chrissy Teigen is a beloved fixture at award shows (remember when her crying face at the 2015 Golden Globes went viral?) and her presence often makes these stuffy events more fun. Given the mom-of-two's penchant for hilarity, it's fair some fans want to know if Chrissy Teigen was at the Oscars on Sunday night. As it turns out, Teigen didn't grace the Feb. 24 event with her presence because she was simply too busy living her best life.

While some celebrities approach award show season as if it's a chore of some kind, Teigen leans into the festivities with full abandon. The model has attended numerous Oscars throughout the years, including the most recent 2016 and 2017 shows. And in true Teigen fashion, she made each show a little more bearable (these things can go on forever, folks) with her hilarious expressions. Want some proof? Look no further than the amazing cringe face Teigen made when Stacey Dash made an appearance at the 2016 Oscars. Or what about the time she fell asleep at the 2017 ceremony? Mama is always serving up the best looks.

Teigen, who didn't attend the Oscars in 2018 due to her pregnancy, paid homage to the annual event with a fun throwback post on Instagram.

"Happy Oscars weekend! Some throwbacks to our #oscars Sundays throughout the years!" she wrote in February 2018. "Brace yourself for coral dress - colored contacts and 7 days in a tanning bed ohhhh dear, young Chrissy you kill me."

As for 2019's ceremony, Teigen decided to forgo the show for her favorite pastime — cooking. Hours before the event kicked off, Teigen was busy showing off her latest dish on Instagram Stories, aka chicken lettuce cups. Yum.

Teigen also addressed her casual Oscars Sunday on Twitter, stating that she was "making lettuce cups" and watching Spike TV's Bar Rescue. Sounds like the perfect day to me, no?

To make matters even more fun, Teigen also shared a hilarious snap of her husband, John Legend, showing off his "stats." Legend was pictured holding up a chalkboard designed for parents to list their little one's accomplishments, which Teigen captioned, "Wow they grow up so fast."

I'm happy to know that "baby" John has 30 teeth — it would be a tad awkward if his molars hadn't come in yet. The tyke is 482 months old, after all.

Although Teigen spent the afternoon lounging around at home, it's possible that later in the evening she showed up to Byron Allen and Entertainment Studios' 3rd Annual Oscar viewing party. Legend, performed at the party, so it makes sense she'd tag along for support. It's unclear at this time, however, whether or not that actually happened.

On another note, the Oscars missed out on the golden opportunity of having Teigen host the show. After the Kevin Hart fiasco, Teigen made a joke about the possibility, writing on Twitter: "I have not been asked to host the oscars yet so at least they aren’t THAT desperate."

Many fans were into the idea, however, with one person tweeting: "They should ask you and @johnlegend - we all know you are a dynamic duo!"

"I only watch to see what faces you'll make," someone else chimed in.

One person commented: "Actually, I think that would bring in the best ratings yet."

Although Teigen didn't get to host the Oscars this year, I wouldn't rule out the possibility in the future. The cookbook author is an Oscars icon, after all, and she has a great stage presence.

Oscars 2020 dreams aside, hopefully Teigen had a fabulous time at cooking at home this year. After attending countless Oscars in years past, the mom deserves a night of rest and relaxation.