Bill Inoshita/CBS

'BB19's Christmas Has A Sweet Story Behind Her Name

When perusing the cast list for the upcoming nineteenth season of Big Brother, there's a chance that one name jumped out from the rest: that of 35-year-old fitness "superstar" Christmas Abbott from Lynchburg, Virginia. Christmas is definitely on the unusual side as far as names go, which may lead some to wonder: is Christmas from Big Brother 19 really named Christmas? There's an interesting story behind it, actually.

Christmas is indeed her real name, and there's a very sweet reason why she came to be called that. Christmas explained to The Hollywood Reporter, "My mom had a really hard pregnancy with me. She almost miscarried me a couple of times and when I was born she had a different name picked out. But I was born on December 20 so she said, 'This is my Christmas joy. She's a miracle baby.' So she named me Christmas Joy."

Christmas isn't the most common name out there and the fact that it stands out could prove useful for her in the competition, at least when it comes to making an impression. Based on name alone, she'll likely be memorable for the viewing audience at home. However, it's starting to look like Christmas might be a memorable contestant, unusual name or not.

In the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Christmas provided a few clues about how she plans to play the game while she's in the Big Brother house. She has no intention of fighting back when it comes to disputes, instead keeping her cool and seeking to solve problems instead of causing them. "If that person keeps coming at me than the one who barks the loudest is the one causing the problem," Christmas said. "Let them put themselves in the target zone."

Though Christmas appears to intend to stay drama-free (very suitable that someone named Christmas seems to be all about playing nice and staying positive), that doesn't mean she won't be an interesting addition to the house. It definitely looks like she has some quirks all her own, saying:

I call myself creepy Christmas. I'm a little weird. I'm eccentric, but I've always embraced it. Fans aren't going to need that aggressive drama from me. I'm not that type of person. They're probably going to be more entertained by my weirdness than by the people getting all up in your face.

Christmas might be a very interesting addition to Big Brother for more reasons than just her name, but that might be enough to get viewers intrigued.