David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Is Claire Underwood Going To Run For Office On 'House Of Cards' Season 4? She Deserves To Be The Boss

Everyone on House of Cards wants power. It's what those in this fictionalized world of D.C. politics thrive on. Throughout the three previous seasons, we've seen many come and go throughout the political landscape, but there's been one mainstay who is finally ready for a time to shine. (Spoilers for Season 4 of House of Cards.) On Season 4 of House of Cards, Claire Underwood wants to run for office. It's as simple as that. She is no longer OK with living in her husband's shadow as the First Lady. She doesn't want to be pulled from another position to further Frank's political prowess, like the U.N. Ambassador position. This is Claire's time to shine, and she is going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Let's jump back to Season 1 of House of Cards. Remember Claire then? Sure, she was a support for Frank, who was slowly creeping his way up the political ladder, but she was also fiercely involved in her own passions (power, not clean water). At the start of the series, Claire was in charge of the Clean Water Initiative, which she founded in 2004. She was making a difference in the world — maybe she didn't really care about those differences, perhaps she was only involved in the CWI to give off that the Underwoods were "caring." But, she was powerful and she was in charge, all while collecting political connections left and right. Basically, she was killing it.

Then, Claire starts to take a more political stance, fighting for the sexual assault bill and becoming more known in the forefront of politics. By the time she moves into the White House, Claire takes on the U.N. Ambassador position. Even though she was not the favorable candidate, Frank appointed her and she started to make changes.

Which brings us to Claire Underwood in Season 4 of the series. Having had enough of Frank (at the end of Season 3, she leaves him), Claire is ready to take charge. Whether it be in Texas or D.C., Claire craves the power she's been getting a taste of over the last few years.

There's one scene when Claire asks — sorry, demands — to be Frank's running mate in 2016, which Frank laughs at. He completely writes her off as an unqualified woman who has never held office. Well, news flash, Frank. At the time, you're already losing to a woman who has never held office, so that's not an excuse.

Now is Claire's time to shine as the powerful woman that she is. She's got an immense drive that can squash anyone in D.C. currently, and if she and Frank team up as a united front, there's no saying what they can accomplish.