How To Get Your Kid To Eat Coconut Oil

Within the last few years, coconut oil has been one of the hottest items on the market. From using it as a skin moisturizer to using it in recipes, there are endless possibilities for the cost-efficient product. Though the uses for coconut oil have a wide range, one question remains: is coconut oil safe for kids to eat? Sure it has great properties for the outer layer of the body, but how does it perform on the inside?

According to Livestrong, coconut oil is actually good for children to consume. Although it may not be the first thing you think about adding to your recipes, Livestrong noted that as long as coconut oil is consumed in moderation, it is an important additive to a child's diet. Since coconut oil is a type of saturated fat, it is important to the development and growth of a child. Fats like coconut oil help with creating hormones in children and assist in the absorbing of vitamins from foods.

Though the oil is safe to consume, one must note that it is very important to do so in moderation because saturated fats have the ability to increase cholesterol levels over time if ingested too frequently.

Interested in making a few dishes that include a bit of coconut oil for the kids to have this week? Check out these 13 coconut oil inclusive recipes to get you started.


Coconut Pistachio Butter

This recipe for coconut pistachio butter from A Cozy Kitchen is a great way to introduce coconut oil into your child's life.


Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies with Dark Chocolate, Cherries & Coconut

Do you kids love peanut butter cookies? Try this spin on the legendary snack with this recipe from Ari's Menu for peanut butter oatmeal cookies with dark chocolate, cherries and coconut.


The Best Carrot Cake Recipe

A Spicy Perspective's recipe for the best carrot cake includes coconut oil and a full plate of yummy.


Curry Coconut Oil Sweet Potato Fries With Cucumber Dill Dip

This delicious curry coconut oil sweet potato fries with cucumber dill dip from Averie Cooks wouldn't be the same if the coconut oil wasn't included.


Classic Chocolate Truffles

This classic chocolate truffles recipe from Big Girls, Small Kitchen will have your kids going crazy over its incredible taste.


Mint Chocolate Covered Patties

Cara's Cravings is known for delivering some deliciously tasting recipes and this one for mint chocolate covered patties is no exception.


Whole Wheat Coconut Oil Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

This tasty recipe for whole wheat coconut oil chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from Mel's Kitchen Cafe is a great addition to your snack line-up for the kids.


No-Bake Coconut-Mango Cheesecake

Courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker

Do your kids fancy the taste of mango? This recipe from Brown Eyed Baker for a no-bake coconut-mango cheesecake will fit their tastebuds.


No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Bars

Need another no-bake recipe to add to your list? This no-bake chocolate peanut butter coconut bars recipe from Deliciously Yum will be great for it.


Peach Mango Coconut Oil Banana Bread

Averie Cooks always knows how to test your taste buds and this recipe for peach mango coconut oil banana bread will follow suit.


Coconut Macadamia Nut Waffles

Breakfast will never be the same after you taste these coconut macadamia nut waffles from A Spicy Perspective.


Paleo Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This coconut oil inclusive recipe for paleo sweet potato breakfast hash from Ari's Menu is guaranteed to make its way onto your favorite's list.


Mango Banana Coconut Smoothie With Chia Seeds

A Cozy Kitchen's recipe for a tasty mango banana coconut smoothie with chia seeds will keep everyone in the house refreshed.