Is Contouring Safe During Pregnancy?

Whether you're a YouTube beauty guru, an Instagram all-star, or someone who dabbles in beauty products from time to time, there's one trend you can't avoid: contouring. It's everywhere, and it's tricky AF. So if you've spent a bit of time perfecting a contouring routine, then you probably don't want to give up all that talent when you've got a bun in the oven. But is contouring safe during pregnancy, or do you need to forego some of your makeup routine?

For starters, if you use makeup for face contouring, then you may want to check the ingredients list. Keep in mind that, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, cosmetic products or their individual ingredients are not required to get approval from the FDA before hitting the market. And although the FDA's site noted that it does not permit unsafe products to hit consumers, the organization is also not permitted to dispense medical advice, so it's a good idea to check with your doctor if any ingredients in your contouring powder seem concerning. And according to the Safe Cosmetics organization, it's a good idea to cut back on the number of beauty products you use during pregnancy and avoid mineral makeup, which may contain lead traces.

Next, if you're into body contouring with bronzers or spray tanners, then those may also affect your pregnancy as well. As explained on WebMD, there hasn't bee a lot of study about whether self-tanners or bronzers are safe for pregnant women, so you may want to err on the side of caution for the duration of your gestation. You're working that natural glow, anyway.

Lastly, some people take contouring to the next level by turning to cosmetic surgery. This is also known as ultrasound cavitation or body sculpting. But according to Shape Body Contouring, ultrasound cavitation is not recommended for pregnant women. You can probably get back to your body contouring routine after you wrap up breastfeeding.

In general, there is still a derth of information about cosmetic safety during pregnancy, and this applies to contouring products as well. With the number of products available and the vast differences in their ingredient lists, it's a good idea to do a little homework on your favorite products. And even if you decide to give up your contouring palette until the birth, you can always get back in the game after the baby arrives.