Is Corey Single On 'Big Brother 18'? He Won't Let A Showmance Mess Up His Game

America's first guilty pleasure reality series, Big Brother, is already underway in its 18th season, and viewers are just getting to know the hamsters in the house. In the first couple of weeks the drama has barely started, and we're still learning about all of the housemates. As always, some are endearing, some are slightly horrifying, and some are sure to spark up a showmance or two. Like, for instance, housemate Corey Brooks. Is Corey on Big Brother 18 single? He's open to a showmance, but only if it doesn't mess with his game.

Relationships that start on the show rarely make it long in the real world. Frankly, I'd be surprised if any relationship that blossomed in a fish bowl would be able to translate to actual real life. Season 16's Nicole, for example, had a pretty steamy showmance with Hayden. After the show, the two continued their relationship for a while outside the house, with Nicole telling Buzzfeed "We are officially dating," but returning now to the Big Brother house for Season 18, she is single once again. The housemates were asked whether they were looking for love on the show, and while some, like Zakiyah and Victor, answered that they enthusiastically were, Corey was one of those who was more reserved.

Corey told ET "If it hurts my game, you can forget it," though he added, "It's definitely a possibility." It would definitely be interesting to see Corey in a showmance, and some have already speculated that Corey and Nicole might get together at some point during the summer.

Big Brother is not The Bachelor and love is definitely not the name of the game. The contestants just want to make it to the end without getting evicted and take home the $500,000 prize. But some people view sparking up a showmance as a strategy, perhaps through forming a strong partnership and gaining likability. Others, however, think that a showmance makes contestants a target.