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Is Daenerys The Prince That Was Promised On 'Game Of Thrones'?

Every Game of Thrones fan knows of the prince that was promised, but what if said prince isn't actually a prince at all? Is Daenerys the prince that was promised on Game of Thrones? She's definitely a possibility.

During the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Melisandre made her way to Dragonstone and, speaking in Valyrian, revealed the important prophecy to Daenerys. Daenerys asked a question also on many fans' minds, how she can be the "prince that was promised," the savior of the Seven Kingdoms, when she is not a prince.

However, Missandei, the ever helpful translator, pointed out to Daenerys that the word Melisandre used in Valyrian doesn't actually have a gender. It's actually the prince or princess that was promised, thus qualifying Daenerys for the role. But does that really mean she's The One? Melisandre seemed to think so, but she also mentioned that there's another.

As was expected, she pointed to Jon Snow being the other "prince" that was promised, though she kept things rather vague. Surprisingly, or wisely, Melisandre didn't mention that Jon had died and that she had brought him back to life. She also didn't mention that his main goal is to protect the living from the oncoming army of the dead and that he doesn't really care about the fight for Westeros.

Still, with some urging from Tyrion, Daenerys was convinced enough to have Tyrion send Jon a raven, telling him to come to Dragonstone and bend a knee to her. It seems Jon now has a choice to make: pledge his loyalty to Daenerys or answer Cersei's recent summons. The choice seems obvious, but Sansa doesn't agree.

Though Sansa shares Jon's belief that Tyrion is the best of the Lannisters, she also made it clear that she believed it was a bad idea to go to Dragonstone. Even so, Ser Davos made an excellent point when he reminded Jon that fire can kill wights, and Danerys' dragons could be very helpful if the army of the dead crosses the wall.

Jon didn't say what his decision was, but by the look on his face, it was clear he seriously considering it, as he should. Though meeting with Daenerys is definitely a risk, Tyrion made a good point: Daenerys and Jon are obvious allies and they should ban together to work against Cersei and the White Walkers.

Their biggest issue will probably be coming to an agreement. Jon's main focus is facing the White Walkers, while Daenerys' is to take back the Iron Throne. These two are both stubborn, and it seems unlikely that a meeting of the minds will come easily. Fans will have to wait and see how this goes.