Bob Mahoney/The CW

Damon's Story Took A Grim Turn On 'TVD'

Siphoning magic from someone does not seem like a fun process, at least for the one who's being drained of their supernatural funds. So Kai's attack on Damon left our Mystic Falls bad boy very, very weak — but could it potentially lead to his demise? Is Damon dead on The Vampire Diaries? I wouldn't get too worked up about it just yet. I say this because there are a few key indicators that suggest Damon Salvatore will live to see another day. One such hint is the fact that there's no way the show would kill him off before the finale. We know that someone is going to bite the dust for good in the series finale, so if that fate is meant to be Damon's (hopefully not) it's too early for it to happen now.

Then, of course, there's the even more straightforward reason why Damon is still in the land of the living — the fact that he appears in next Friday's promo. So while Kai definitely left him in a dire state it doesn't seem as though it'll do irreversible damage, thank goodness. Sure, his face turned all grey and everything, which is usually a clear indicator for a vampire's death, you can rest assured that Damon will recover from this little attack.

Granted, these promos have a way of fooling viewers with misleading glimpses of what's to come. But I still stand by my prediction that Damon will come out of this OK. He still has unfinished business on this show, not to mention a highly anticipated reunion with Elena Gilbert. If he were to die just before Elena returns, fans would revolt and burn their TVs to the ground in protest. And we certainly can't have that.

No, in the end, I'm sure the reason for him turning grey will be explained. Probably just a temporary side effect of being siphoned so quickly by Kai. But he will bounce back like he always does and do whatever it takes to get Elena's coffin back into his possession.