Is Danielle Busby A Feminist?

The Busby family is getting a lot of attention these days. Adam and Danielle Busby went through a harrowing experience with infertility, only to turn around and have six children. Their experience is documented on the TLC reality series OutDaughtered. Vocal about her faith and family, is Daniel Busby a feminist? She hasn't explicitly stated her feminist views, but she is definitely inspirational girl-crush material. She has spoken out about her decision to stay at home with her children, the importance of being body-positive after babies, and her work life.

Perhaps contrary to popular opinion, there are a lot of different ways to be a feminist and it can mean different things to different people. Feminists can come in the form of women's studies majors who are eager to dissect Virginia Woolf novels, girl-boss businesswomen who got ahead on their own despite a culture pushing back on them, or, yes, stay at home moms with hit TV shows on TLC who love their kids to bits. In the immortal words of Kerry Washington:

The term feminist is so inclusive now. There isn't one way to be a feminist or to practice feminism, to exercise feminism. You can be feminist in lots of different ways because the point is freedom of choice.

Danielle Busby has made many choices in her life. When she's not chasing around the six Busby littles — their oldest is Blayke, and their quintuplets are named Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, and Parker Kate — Danielle stays very busy. Adam and Danielle met while they were both working at Target, but she has moved on in her professional career. Of course, she has a full-time job as a mom and a role on her family TV show, but that's not all that she does. According to her TLC bio, she's an independent beauty consultant, and she and Adam also recently opened an indoor cycling business, the product of their mutual love of fitness.

Danielle has also been open about motherhood and the pressures to be perfect — both topics that any feminist would tell you are important. She discussed her post-baby body in a post she wrote for TLC's "Me" page. Fitness is near and dear to her heart, but she didn't deny the struggles associated with coming back from having children. After giving birth, she dedicated herself to getting back to her priorities of clean eating and exercising. The best part about her fitness journey? She did it for herself.

She wrote:

Exercising is something I enjoy doing and it is something that makes me feel better about myself (and helps offset the Oreos I ate today, LOL).

While focusing on her faith and her family, she has always been true to herself. So, even though Danielle Busby has yet to claim the title of feminist, it's safe to say that her actions already speak volumes — whether she realizes it or not.