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Is Dolores Wyatt On 'Westworld'? This Theory Proves There May Be One Big Surprise Left

At the outset of Westworld, or at least, by the time fans figured out the show was most likely operating on multiple timelines, it seemed pretty obvious that the identity of the mysterious Man in Black rested in William. There's also still a slim chance that it's Logan, but William seems the most likely target for the young Man in Black. However, that still leaves the fate of Dolores in their storyline up in the air. Now, some fans are speculating that she, too, is actually another unseen, but much-discussed character. So is Dolores Wyatt on Westworld?

Fans have been theorizing about it in various Reddit threads, but a huge clue came from Evan Rachel Wood, herself. A few weeks ago, she participated in that "describe yourself in three fictional characters" meme on Instagram, except that she chose to describe Dolores. The first two made sense enough: Alice, of Wonderland fame, and the scary red-eyed bot from Terminator. But the third character was the big reveal: it was a screenshot of Kurt Russell from the movie Tombstone, in which he plays — wait for it — Wyatt Earp! Could this be this way of her clueing fans in on Dolores' real identity, indicating that she and Wyatt are one in the same?

Here's what we know about Wyatt in the context of Westworld: Ford told Teddy he was his commanding officer who went mad (ie., started malfunctioning), committed a massacre, killed his general, and then began leading a cult that kills all the hosts. So Teddy is programmed to find and destroy him. That basic premise — host starts going off the rails and killing people — is basically the setup Dolores has been given. Plus, we know Dolores kills Arnold — a "general" of sorts himself. We also know that Arnold was aiming to create hosts more sentient than humans before Dolores killed him. So perhaps Dolores is the "Wyatt" Ford programmed Teddy to find.

The other big clue can be found in these two screenshots, which Redditor Nicholli astutely pointed out. Notice that the "Wyatt," as we have come to know him, and Dolores are standing in the exact same place in both of those images, pointing a gun alternately at a general and themselves. Perhaps this is the exact spot and circumstance in which Dolores killed Arnold. We know Wyatt eventually turns the gun on himself, and we've been seeing flashes of Dolores holding a gun to her head all season. Perhaps Wyatt and Dolores are the same person in this scene, and Arnold and the general are the same person. Who we see on screen in each version of the scene simply depends on whose memory we're viewing the scene through — Teddy's or Dolores'.

So, basically, at this point, anything is possible. And with one episode left to go, Westworld still has time to deliver its biggest twist yet.