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Donald Glover Doesn't Talk About His Partner Often, But When He Does It's SO Sweet

The Grammy Awards are often ticketed as the music industry's biggest night of the year, and with the nominations and performances planned for 2019, it's not hard to see why. Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino), for instance, has nabbed several nominations this year, and his fans will be on the edge of their seats waiting to see which awards he takes home. But what about his close support system that may be in sitting with him on Sunday night? Will he bring a date and who would it be? With that in mind, many are likely wondering if Donald Glover is married and if so, to whom? Although he tends to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, some is known about his life outside of his music and acting career.

Glover has been off the market for a few years now, according to PopSugar, and unfortunately for curious fans, the 35-year-old rapper doesn't often, in fact rarely, share much about the special lady in his life. According to E! News, though, Glover's partner's name is Michelle White, and the couple share two children together. According to People, the Lion King star has two sons with White.

Though they have not made a declarative statement on the matter, it appears that they aren't married. Glover's rep did not immediately respond to Romper's request for comment.

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Glover and White have, however, been spotted together on a few occasions; once grocery shopping in Hawaii in January 2016, PopSugar reported; and another time out walking with their kids in Hollywood, according to BET. And while he doesn't discuss his romantic life much, Glover did give White and their son a sweet shout out while giving a speech in 2017.

"I really want to say thank you to my son and the mother of my son for making me believe in people again and things being possible, so thank you," the Atlanta star said while accepting his award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the Golden Globes in 2017, according to E! News.

Glover — whose song "This Is America" is up for several Grammy nominations this year — also spoke about his partner following the birth of their second child. "She's great. She's good. Baby's born, so she's happier now," the "Redbone" rapper told Entertainment Tonight in January.

Expanding on his adoration for White, he also raved about her to People in January, saying: "I think my partner, she does all the hard stuff, to be honest... She’s just very supportive."

The name of their second child has not been revealed, but Glover previously shared that his oldest son's name is "Legend," according to Billboard.

The fact that Glover likes to keep his private life, well, private and share just a few tidbits about his family when he feels it's right is more than respectable. And who knows, if Glover takes home one of his many Grammy nominations tonight — including Song of the Year and Record of the Year, according to The New York Times — he may just drop another adorable shout out to White and his kiddos.