Sonja Flemming/CBS

Elena's Love Life On 'BB19' Has Fans Intrigued

by Allison Picurro

From Cody and Jessica to Raven and Matt, Big Brother 19 is already the season of the showmance. It makes sense, considering the general concept of the show involves shutting a group of young, attractive people in a house together for three months. Sparks are bound to fly! In the case of Mark and Elena, fans are speculating that the sparks might actually be pretty one-sided. Some are convinced Elena is simply leading Mark on, which brings up a necessary question: is Elena Davies from Big Brother 19 single? Based on her social media before entering the house this summer, the answer seems to be yes.

Although the 26-year-old radio personality's Twitter account is set to private, she has an active Instagram account. There seems to be no indication she was off the market when the season began, so all #Marlena fans may be able to rest easy for a bit. Live feed viewers have seen the couple getting hot and heavy, but many have also noticed Elena getting flirty with Christmas and buddying up with Matt. Could Elena simply be playing the field while Mark is looking for something more serious? Could it be true that she's not as invested in him as he is in her? Some fans think so, while others are convinced Mark and Elena's showmance could be the real deal. (Or, well, as real as Big Brother can get.) One thing is for certain, there's no denying that these two hang out a lot.

It's worth noting that in her pre-season interview, Elena said her strategy would be "forming alliances and manipulating other houseguests." While countless contestants before her have used that same method, it might be an explanation as to why Elena seems to be bouncing from houseguest to houseguest. For all we know, her relationship with Mark could just be part of Elena's plan for winning the game. At the same time, these people have only known each other for two weeks. They haven't exactly promised each other an exclusive relationship. So, you know, it seems pretty normal that Elena wouldn't want to start making honeymoon plans just yet.

This week, Elena has stuck closely by her allies: Mark, Christmas, Matt, Raven, and Dominique. Next week, knowing Big Brother, that could all change. As Julie Chen is constantly reminding viewers, expect the unexpected. It's still too early in the season to make a call on where Elena's relationships will take her this summer, but it's safe to say that the showmance boat is officially out at sea.