You Won't Find 'Elf' On Disney+ (Son Of A Nutcracker!) But Here's How To Watch It

by Casey Suglia

Son of a nutcracker! Turns out that if you're itching to get your Buddy the Elf fix this holiday season, you unfortunately won't find Elf on Disney+ or many other popular streaming platforms. But don't worry — there are a few ways you can still stream the Christmas classic whenever you'd like.

Bad news first: In addition to Disney+, Elf also isn't on HBO Go, Netflix, or Hulu at the moment. The good news? If you don't own a copy of the 2003 holiday movie starring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel, you can rent Elf on various platforms online and relive Buddy the Elf's search for his real father from the North Pole in New York City.

Elf is available to rent on YouTube ($3.99), on iTunes ($3.99), as well as Amazon Prime Video ($3.99). You can also rent Elf on Vudu and Google Play, also for $3.99.

If you want to watch Elf for free, it is possible, though a cable subscription is necessary. Throughout the month of December, AMC is playing Elf on TV almost every single day. Be sure to check your local listings for Elf's schedule on AMC. You can also watch Elf whenever you'd like on AMC's website by logging in with your cable provider information.

Because watching Elf every single Christmas is a must for many families, you might also consider permanently downloading and purchasing Elf on YouTube and Amazon Prime for $7.99. That's only $4 more than renting, so it might be worth it for those who plan on watching the movie multiple times and spreading Christmas cheer singing loud enough for all to hear.

Whatever you do though, don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins and not add Elf to your watchlist this holiday season.