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Is Elliot Rollins A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars'? He Thinks Ali Killed Charlotte

In typical Pretty Little Liars fashion, the premiere episodes left us with more questions than answers. One thing fans are dying to know is if Elliot Rollins is actually A.D.

The entire premiere episode was done 24 style, where there was a ticking clock for when A.D. would kill Hanna if the Liars (plus Mona and the boyfriends) couldn't provide proof for who killed Charlotte. After taking an anonymous vote on possible suspects in Charlotte's murder, it came down to Ali being the primary suspect. Of course, whoever the Liars think is the killer is usually not the killer. When will they learn?

After deciding it was Ali, the Liars & Co. got to work trying to find proof that she did in fact do it. It seemed like the most obvious piece of evidence would be the red jacket Aria and Ezria saw Ali (if that really even was her) wearing the night Charlotte died. Although they had some misleads, Emily finally discovered the jacket in a box of things Ali planned to send to Goodwill. Caleb, unwilling to waste any time, took the jacket and brought it to the motel to placate A.D. and save Hanna.

Then it seemed as soon as A.D. got Caleb's text and grabbed the jacket, Elliot happened to appear in the hospital with Ali, telling her he knew she killed Charlotte. Interesting.

Eric McCandless/Freeform

It's highly unlikely that this was just a coincidence. How else would Elliot suddenly be so confident that Ali was the one to kill Charlotte unless he was A.D.? If he'd known Ali killed Charlotte before he would've done something to her earlier on. It isn't until Caleb tells A.D. they have proof Ali killed Charlotte that Elliot's truly evil side comes out and he drugs up Ali with something that doesn't look good.

Even so, this is Pretty Little Liars, and it seems too easy for Elliot to be A.D. Typically on PLL we're given a fake-out and then the real villain is revealed. It's possible that Elliot isn't actually A.D. but instead is just working for A.D. But if that's the case then who really is A.D.? It may be a while before we finally find out the truth. Until then, my money's still on Elliot.